Here is a great excerpt from a Dr. Oz show about canine dental health and its effects on the body. It also has a good explanation on WHY this happens.

Part 2 isn't so great and starts touting Pedigree formulas to help teeth which I don't quite understand. You'd think a vet would promote something like the virbac products which are formulated by vets for vets, but whatever. Take home message is a good one if you ignore the brands he recommends. 

just as an aside, when I tried to play the video it said content not available but then it played so just wait a sec and it will allow you to watch it.

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Thanks for sharing! It has some great animations to help explain what happens.

I felt good about having Tuckers teeth cleaned before seeing this, but I really feel good now.  :)

dr. oz talks too fast. i also didn't know he did pet specials! great info

yeah he totally went through that animation WAAAAAAAAY too fast! But I really like how the vet explained exactly what the tartar and plaque do to your pet's teeth and gums. Good info in a nice concise package. 

Wow, I did NOT know about gum disease being able to contribute to organ failure in dogs. You learn something every day! Thank you so much for this link.

yeah with the heart issues though they are actually reversible. If you remove the rotten teeth and deal with the bacteria and gum issues you can actually make heart murmurs and things like that disappear! So good dental health is VERY important in animals, as in people. 

Thanks for sharing! Dental health is too often neglected. 


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