So I've been hearing all kinds of input on Greenies. I've heard bad, I've heard good, I check google for any information, I've also looked at some of the posts that have been made on here about Greenies. I just want a clear simple answer on if they're safe or not safe to use with Dodger. I want Dodger happy and safe and as Jonathan has recently discovered, I've very protective of Dodger. If Greenies are unsafe then what are some options that I can use to help clean his teeth? I've been told to try out Zuke's, but is there a special brand of Zuke's I should use? Does anyone else have any suggestions or opinions on what their corgi likes to have. I've brushed dogs' teeth before, but they've always ended up just trying to eat the paste that I was using. They must have thought it was delicious, the little boogers. But back on topic, I could really use some input on this. Thoughts, opinions, pros and cons, anything that you can think of. Jonathan and I recently bought a bag of Greenies teenie in our big shopping spree and I'm very conflicted on if they're safe or dangerous to my little fluffbutt. Please and thank you!

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I had this same question. Snopes is undetermined. I figured better safe than sorry, and have not given them to Becca. I assume that it depends on how well the dog chews. Becca is a food hound and will gulp if she thinks the cat will try to share. That said there are possible safety issues with most chewing options. If Becca is over enthusiastic with a chewy then she gets it only with supervision.

As I've said before. I've experienced first hand the dangers of Greenies. I use an array of antlers, knee caps, yeti/Himalayan chews, and daily teeth brushing. You can very easily train them to be handled and deal well with having their teeth brushed. Ein is barely 6 months old and does very well with her teeth brushings. I've also used an all natural from of Greenies (I forget what they are called), they are potato based and dissolve and I've used the Zukes Z-Bones. I like the Zukes better since they have a flavor, but these are very high in calories as well. I just prefer to do the teeth cleanings and the all natural chews to clean their teeth. You don't NEED any of those dumb dental chews at all.

Depends on the dog. Will not give edible chew treats to mine; he had them on a few occasions in the past, but he has NO concept of sit there and chew slowly on something yummy--a small size Greenie is gone in less than 30 seconds. Too much of a choking hazard for him, not to mention the fact that gulping it down in enormous pieces totally misses the point of any teeth-cleaning benefits, so why risk it.

I brush his teeth about 3 times a week.

You might look into this product called DentaTreat by Wysong. It gets rave reviews & is all natural. You just sprinkle it on your dog's food. I've been through about one canister of it--can't say I see the same amazing results as some of the reviews I read, but you may deem it worth $10 to give it a try with a small size jar (lasts roughly 2 months).

Our smaller dog Toby will squirm right out of his collar if I try to brush his teeth and shows no interest in bones or antlers. Greenies have worked well for him and he is a slow meticulous eater. Sasha won't touch the antler I got her either. Haven't tried brushing yet but she is doing well with Greenies so far.

Definitely not safe for your Dodger!  It says on the pack it's not suitable for puppies under six months.

safe with human supervision

No chew or toy is without its risks. There are hundreds of chews you can give your dog to help with his teeth but all have their dangers, all can be a choking hazard, all can break teeth, etc. You just need to pick and choose what to use and what not to use. The ONLY method to keep your dog's teeth clean that is safe is daily tooth brushing. If that isn't possible than sometimes its worth the minor risk to use various chews. Franklin will let me brush his teeth but I am a bit of a slacker and can't get into the habit of doing it on a regular basis so I have chosen to risk a possible tooth fracture and give him the softest part of raw knuckle bones. He loves them, it keeps him busy, and it keeps his teeth looking perfect. I figure the cost of a one time (or maybe two if I'm unlucky) tooth extraction will be better in the long run than having to pay for annual dentals and him having to go under anesthesia frequently. That being said, none of my other dogs I have ever owned have broken teeth on hooves, nylabones, knuckle bones, etc and none have ever needed dentals. So while the risk is there I find it to be fairly small and am guessing Frank would have fractured that tooth on something else anyway! 

I used to give Tipper Greenies but no longer. She chews everything so fast I'm afraid to take the risk. I switched over to By Nature's fruit and nut wheat-free biscuit treats. Tippers is crazy for them and doesn't miss the Greenies. They are hard biscuits so I figure they help scrape her teeth and they are made by a trusted 140-year old company.


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