Harlee hurt his back, he is so sad, how can I make him comfortable?

Harlee is my 9 1/2 old pembroke who has a bladder infection and hurt his back.  He is on meds for pain, inflammation and antibiotics but seems to still have trouble getting around, even after 4 days.  Anyone dealt with back injury before?  How long before he could recover?

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Hi Harlee's mom, what kind of back injury did he receive? what kind of pain meds and dosage?
Harlee is doing better, vet said he has a pinched nerve and the bladder infection.  His mobility is still pretty limited, but looks like he on the mend.  Meds for pain, antibiotics, anti inflammatory pills and muscle relaxers have all helped and we are going back next week.  I can't pin point how he hurt himself!  he's usually pretty sedate.  so sad when they don't feel well.
I don't know how long but when we dealt with back and knee issues with Buffy (RIP) I got a stroller for her and it really lifted her spirits to go out on walks in the stroller. Hope he is better soon.
It has been a challenge getting him outside but we got a ramp today for the steps, so far he has taken to them and it's been a big help getting him to do his "business" since he has so much trouble getting around right now.  He is on the mend so we are so thankful.. thanks for asking.


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