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So I'm in the process of purchasing things for my Izzy! She'll be home around Thanksgiving and will be about 7 - 8 weeks depending whether or not she's ready come home. But there is confusion of which harness to get.  I don't want a collar for the reason that her neck/throat will be fragile and I don't want to injure her in any way.  I've been looking at different harness and I just don't know which one to get.  I've checked out the Puppia brand harness look pretty nice.  If you don't mind can you please post links and recommend which harness I need to get for my Baby Girl. I really need help with this one.  Also which size would be really helpful! Thanks for reading this and taking time to answer!


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the best way to know which one to fit her is to have her with you but i did the same for teddy lol i have two types of harnesses one is a step in and it buckles on top of the shoulders, i like this one as it gives you a lot of control.heres the link: http://www.petco.com/product/112111/PETCO-Easy-Step-In-Pink-Paw-Pri... the second one i have is for jogging. it has two loops and had a D ring on the back heres the other link: .http://www.petco.com/product/106749/Petmate-Signature-Adjustable-Do... mines nicer than that one though lol

i have always preferd harnesses :) i know a lot of statistics show it encourages pulling but teddy was never a puller and then i know hes secure, his collar broke on me when we were on a busy street and he could have gotten hurt.
she can still have a collar on but just make sure its really light weight.
i hope this helps!:) once shes there with you u can measure her in the pet store. maybe ask the breeder to measure her for u? just keep in mind since she is going to get big u are going to be going through collars and harnesses
Personally I would not suggest starting with a harness as it can encourage the dog to pull more on the leash. I would just get a nice light weight puppy collar and let her get used to wearing that first. Their necks really aren't all that fragile, unless you're using a prong collar and yanking on the leash really hard or something I highly doubt you will injure her.

I use 1" martingale collars for both of my boys, they fit nice and loose when not in use, and then tighten up when pulled. Plus they come in pretty colors and patterns, lol. I've bought quite a few from this seller, but there are tons more on etsy:
I used a lightweight harness on Bailey. A puppy does not pull like an adult dog does, so I didn't walk him with a collar until he was 6 mo's. My vet said not to put any stress on his tiny puppy neck. To fit, take her to the store with you and be sure it has some room to grow.
Good luck!


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