My little Gatsby has decided it would be super yummy to eat stools :-0  He was originally eating both his and our female chi/terrier's so I began giving them a supplement the people at Petco sold me to stop this.

Well, he stopped eating his own, but now follows our other dog outside and is preferring "freshly laid" product - ewwww.

Any hints as to what else I can do to get this really revolting behavior to stop??  I try to get them to go outside at different times, but sometimes he makes his way outside with her & there's no getting him back in.

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I've spent 8 years trying to get Katie to stop.  Haven't found anything yet.  It is revolting but in 8 years it has never caused her a problem.  The big problem is taking her out for walks, I am very careful she doesn't get into any from an unknown dog.  I know what my 2 dogs are eating, I know they are healthy but poop from a dog I don't know...that scares me.

8 years?? oh my!!  Gatsby can't go out for walks yet (3 more weeks until last set of puppy shots) but when he does, I will be sure to keep him clear of any he might find.  Thanks for the reply!!

ugh... there is nothing more gross.  My previous pup did that.  This time around, I pick up the poop the minute either of my two produce it.  When you think about it, its really gross to leave poop laying around the yard anyway.  Its full of all sorts of nasty icky stuff that you don't want getting into the soil/grass, etc.  So, its easy enough to have poop bags outside in their yard area and we have a covered garbage can out there to deposit it in.  And since I do this, they never develop a taste for it because they never get the opportunity!  Good luck!


I try to get to it as soon as possible, but if the two go out together, he will literally get it before it hits the ground (if you get the picture - ewww!).  They love playing together outside & since they can tear through the house at top speeds, it's safer for them out there when they're worked up.  I try to watch but can't every minute - I'm hoping he will grow out of it, but from Linda's post, it looks like I might be waiting a long time :-0  Thanks for the advice!! :-)

Yeah, Katie came with that tendency.  We clean up whenever they go out but I freely admit I do not stalk her late at night to clean up.

Coprophagy is so common there's a name for it. :-D Not to say "ick." Here's the trick my vet taught me, and it works: MSG.

Get a small jar of real MSG -- because so many people think they're allergic to it, it's hard to find now (meat tenderizers now contain something else), but you can find it at Amazon. Sprinkle a small amount on each dog's food. This makes the stool so bitter-tasting to dogs that they will stop eating that stuff RIGHT now. It takes about two days to bring a stop to the habit.

Probably MSG is what's in the Petco "supplement" (gimme a break: put a fancy name on it and you can charge twice as much!). Try adding some of that stuff to the other dog's food, too.

Thank you so much for the tip!  I just got a new tub of "treats" to stop it from amazon (they ate their first one today) if it doesn't stop soon I will definitely give it a try - can't hurt... Thank you sooooo much!! :-)

MSG might work, but it has so many side effects in people that I would be leery of giving it to the dog, especially to a young pup.  I am sensitive to it myself, as is my son ( it keeps us awake all night....) and my husband gets joint pain from foods with MSG.  The dog could not tell you of any side effects.  Headaches is a common side effect, for instance.  I would make sure I pick up stools right away.  I would also supplement the pup with a good dog multivitamin-mineral.  You could try sprinkling black pepper over a fresh stool, to see if that deters the pup and turns him off the behavior.

Butler has a fondness for poop as well.  The vet can give you a pill that makes their poop bitter.  Butler stopped for a while, but is back at it.  I can't monitor him all the time when he's out, so if anyone comes up with a permanent solution, i'd love to hear it.


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