Unsuspecting visitors knock hesitantly on the heavy door, which, after some rattling of chain and locks, swings slowly open with an ominous creak.  Bloody fingers appear around the jamb, as Igor, heavily hooded in black, with a bloodied napkin and a mangled piece of... something on a fork, greets the guests.  He drools noticeably.  Visible down the hallway by the dim light of guttering torches is a small table set with a large platter containing an untidy mass of... something dark and red.

"Wot haf we here... wictims?  I mean wisitors?"  mutters Igor.

"Trick or treat", the wisitors timidly chorus.

Igor turns aside and calls down the dark, cold hallway, "Master, unchain ze beast.  We haf meat at ze door.   I mean cheeldren."

"Fang, come!"

Claws clatter rapidly across the floor, as a vicious-looking lupine creature with a bloodstained muzzle and bared teeth runs eagerly to the door.  Igor indicates the guests.

"Fang, eat!"

The beast rears at the wisitors, wagging its tail, tongue lolling out of its grin.

"She loffs cheeldren, but she iss not hongry.  She hass eaten already.  Here, leettle ones.  Haf some candy.  It will fatten you up.  Pleass com back when you are beegger."

Igor returns to his meal of candy, pumpkin pie, and boiled beets, wondering how difficult it is to remove beet juice stains from hardwood floors, tiles, carpets, beards, and white dog fur.

Once I was human... even as you are...

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What a perfect bedtime story on this rainy and foggy night.  I read this wonderful tale to my hounds and showed them the oh so delightful pictures.  They howled with pleasure at the mayhem and joy on Fang's blood stained muzzle.  They will sleep and dream of children ready for food bowl.

This was great!  Good luck removing the beet juice! :)

Ha, Ha, made me laugh! :)

You just never know what evil may lurk behind the adorable faces of our corgis!

I have to ask...did the beet juice come off?

Beet juice does not stain corgi fur.

John...that's good to hear.  I could just him doing his daily walk and people crossing the road to avoid that obviously dangerous dog.


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