Hi everyone, my corgi, Kirby has started limping whenever he wakes up from sleeping. But he always stops within a minute or two and seems fine the rest of the time. It isn't aggravated by exercise. Any ideas what it could it be?

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Have you checked his toenails?  Might have a thorn in his paw.....



Yup, I have . No cuts, or thorns :(
Oops, I am happy there are no cuts or thorns :)
Can you tell if its front or bak legs?
It one of the front legs. I can't seem to figure out which ome

I noticed this same thing with Ellie, and I was about to make a post about it.  Just today she started limping really,really badly to the point where she can't put her leg down sometimes, and if she does, it won't always hold her weight (a very healthy weight for a puppy).  It's her front leg.  The limp goes away with exercise.

The thing about corgis and its the same with Basset hounds is they have very bowed front legs along with back legs which is why corgis are so prone to ACL tears which I'm am currently having to get surgery on both Sammie's back legs for this. I would ask the vet to maybe check (elbow displasia)or even the shoulder. As perfect as we think our cute corgis are a lot of medical problems go along with those cute little stumpy legs.

Phoebe has the same limping going on and usually it is better with exercise.  A couple of days ago she was playing hard with her corgi friend and afterwards was limping.  Yesterday she stayed quiet all day but today has been running, although unevenly with the limp.  I wonder if it is common with growing puppies in growth spurts as this has gone on pretty much on and off since we got her.  She's close to 6 months old now.

I wondered that too, Sarah.  Particularly because of exercise making it better.  That's not how injuries usually work. Ellie was perfectly fine on Sunday and has been since then.

Just went through this with my 1 year old Linus.  He would limp only when he woke up, or after laying down for a long time and then once he was up it was like nothing happened.  We tried just leash walking and making him rest for a week and it got much better but then we played with him and it was back with a vengeance.  We ended up taking him to the vet who said it was probably a muscle pull.  He gave him anti-inflammatories which really helped along with the leash walking and rest and carrying him up and down stairs.  He was fine after a week this time. 


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