Herky has just started having a problem with little bits of poop sticking and drying to his fur "back there". I think it is his "nub" hair or maybe the area under his nub. Mia has NOT had this problem and this just started out of the blue. No different food nor does his poop look soft, I don't know how it is happening... 

Anyway, should I have his "area" trimmed? Would that look funny? Would that help? Anyone else have this problem?

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The random corgi dingleberries.  Happen at the worst times.  I do keep Seanna's bum trimmed...it helps quite a bit.  She doesn't like it, but she doesn't like me cleaning all the poop off her rump either.  My favorite is when you don't see it, and she comes in and sits on me, mushing it into whatever I happen to be wearing.  Usually my favorite shirt, or pants.

I just gave Gwynnie a "sanitary trim" around her anus.  To soon to tell if it works.  Just wash your hands and scissors really well afterwards.  Be VERY CAREFUL not to hurt the dog; they have long memories.  It's easy with Gwynn, very calm.

BTW we never had this when we were feeding only raw meat -- firm, hard, odorless poops -- trhey get softer when we add more kibble.  Kibble = squishy icky poops.

It has come to this:  I am a connoisseur of dog sh!t.   We all have our hidden gifts and talents.

Also trim the fur away from her pads if you have smooth floors.  Quick, easy with practice.  Small hair scissors.

Yep, we have this problem, but since I starting giving Ein regular sanitary shaves, it isn't nearly as bad. If you're not up for the task yourself, just bring your corgi to the groomers and ask for a sanitary shave. They'll shave a path between the pants. Just be sure to specify that you don't want the pants themselves shaved off. It doesn't look funny. I do Ein's sanitaries myself. I bought a Wahl pet grooming kit at Target for about $30. Comes with the clippers and some guards. I watched some videos on youtube on how to do it. The important thing is to go from side to side, not up and down. I think most groomers do it without a guard, but I use one just to be safe. I use the lowest one and it gives a pretty close shave.

I just wash her butt in the sink first (the hair has to be clean before you shave), and then when it's dry, I do the shave. I lay Ein on her back to do it, and she's very tolerant of it, but I know all dogs are different. If yours has never been around clippers before, let him get used to having clippers next to him before actually going for it. When I'm done with that, I shave the long hairs between her paw pads. Whole thing takes me about 5 minutes. Much easier and cheaper than going to a groomer! I do this ~every 2 weeks. 

And this really takes care of the dingleberry problem, although there will be always be exceptions of course---like when she gets too excited at the park and has diarrhea as a result and it gets EVERYWHERE.

Oliver used to have dingleberries quite often. He knew he had them too because he'd always immediately sit down in shame and look up at me. Then I'd have to tell him to stand, lift the nub hairs and do the best I could at removing everything with the poopybag, then it was baby wipes galore. Ever since I started doing sanitary shaves at home, it's helped tremendously. He still gets the occasionally dingleberry, but at least it doesn't stick to his fur anymore and it makes it much more easily accessible to pull out.

Izzy had this problem but my other two corgis never did. I used to  rinse her tooshie off but after switching her to a quality low fat dog food it no longer happens.

Katie gets this from time to time (she would be embarrassed if she knew I was talking about her this way!) I use a flea comb to comb the dried dingles out or just use a baby wipe on fresh ones...I think she would flip if I tried to shave or trim her!  Jack never gets them.....

It's good to know Herky isn't the only one with this problem. I ended up soaking his butt in the sink and washing him. When this first started I did cut a couple out since they were dried on, but I was way too nervous to do it again. I've made an appointment with the groomer and am going to get him trimmed next week. I love their little pants (mia's is longer and flips up, I call it her skirt!) and am paranoid about getting them trimmed. I've read on here some horror stories about trimmings gone wrong. I trust our groomers and have been going to them for years, but.....!


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