My husband and I are looking to expand our family with a furry baby. We have completely fallen in love with corgi's and have our heart set on a tri-color pembroke but really want to allow our baby to keep their natural tail. We have contacted about 10 breeders on the east coast with no luck so far each one responding with a resounding no like we're being rude to even ask. We know other countries have banned docking and starting showing corgi's with their tails so have been kind of shocked at the responses we've been getting. We're willing to make a deposit to set aside a pup or whatever. We have found one breeder in Iowa that says she doesn't dock tails, but she doesn't do any health checks either and seems to have breed her dogs three times in one year and that makes us very nervous. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks so much!

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Jane....don't mind my confusion in wording things.  Scrubbed down the shower/tub enclosure and those dang fumes scramble my brains.  If my cats are into somthing they shouldn't and I'm too lazy or can't get to them for some reason I just tell the dogs to stop them and off they go.  Then a game of "herd the cat" ensues.   And the cats are having as much fun as the dogs.

I love that video. I first posted it several years ago and trot it out sometimes when someone asks why their Corgi barks, or is so stubborn!.

Mine have nothing to herd, but Jack immediately jumps in if Maddie and the cat have an argument, and starts barking if anyone breaks house rules. Both of them try to herd bigger dogs when they play.

Have you ever thought about going on Petfinder and rescuing a Corgi puppy?  There are many in our shelters throughout the U.S.  Just a thought....

I found my tri-colored pembroke mix, complete with beautiful tail, on Petfinder.  I spent months searching!  My boyfriend kept teasing me about my obsession with finding the perfect shelter dog, but what do you know - I found her!  Keep an eye out on Petfinder and local classifieds too (where the shelter also had their dogs listed).  You might just find your perfect puppy that way.

If you're dead-set on finding a purebred, have you considered calling breeders in Ontario and Quebec?  Maybe you'd have better luck going that route that looking for a breeder in the NE or Midwest.

EMG!!!!  Look at this! or this guy! or this cutie (she looks like she could be my dog's sister)  I need to stop looking at puppies.  This is dangerous.... 

Anyway, more along the times of what you were looking for, there are some purebred undocked puppies in MN -

I have spent countless hours on petfinder looking at corgi's and all breeds really but as my husband has never had a dog and this will be our first together we really want a puppy that we can train and then rescue after that. I have heard all the answers as to why breeders dock tails and quite frankly I think they're just stubborn for the sake of not liking change. I think the AKC should at least change the standard to an optional docked tail and optional natural tail and let breeders breed a beautiful natural tail as is allowed with other dogs. In any case, we are now waiting for our puppy to be born and hoping they are healthy and happy. Thank you all for the advice and I will be closing this discussion. Look for future posts on puppy news!


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