i didnt want to leave you all hanging without any pics so here they are! im glad that u are all happy as i was a little worried of announcing the new arrivals as i didnt want anyone to think i was rushing but it was time and my mom even said if i dont do it now it may not ever happen. i think teddy would be pleased with dollar and the new puppy (we need a name!) she is so sweet and kind. we got her from the same breeder we are getting our puppy from, i mean how cool is that? our puppy is 5weeks in this picture and dollar is 7. i must say i love the fact that shes older. no crying at night, no accidents, and she already well socialized so she LOVES every person she meets along with dogs. 

*the pic of our puppy laying on his back was when he was 3weeks old. if u think of any names feel free to share. he was born on thanksgiving day. my husband wants to name him Scoutthis is what his dad handed me on Christmas day =D

dont mind the ripped up cardboard. my cats did that this morning lol

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All of us are very happy for you and the pup. More pictures are required

Congratulations!  So happpy that you found corgis! I personally think the name Scout is awesome, but I may be a bit biassed!  lol.  I think Teddy is smiling down happy for you!

We had two beautiful golden retrievers when I was young. Dad didn't like dogs so this was so special. He had named them Tuppence and Penny, I will always remember those dogs.

I am so happy for you both. Dollar is adorable and it looks like she is already fitting in. The puppy is adorable as well. I can't believe how similar they look. Congrats and I can't wait to see more pictures. No recommendations on the name either. We had two names picked out for Noodles and when we saw him, Noodles was the one we picked. I wanted Wilson, but he didn't look like a Wilson. Your new little guy will help pick out his name. I'm just so happy for both you and your husband. What a wonderful Christmas after all.

Give Dollar big corgi kisses from Noodles and a huge hug from me and belly rubs as well.

Such wonderful news and a wonderful way to begin your New Year!
Both fur kids are aderpable!!! Glad your home is blessed with the joy of corgi love.
My Brodi came to me as a birthday gift just five weeks after Cooper unexpectedly passed away.
Congrats on your adoption and yor new baby boy!!
Your hubby likes the name Scout, very cute, here's a few names we like:
Maverick, General, Freddy, and Romeo. Best wishes to you all and corgi hugs.


Love the pictures...keep them coming!  Dollar looks and sounds like such a sweetie, and I just love her name!  I'm sure you'll figure out a great name for the puppy too, especially when you've gotten a chance to know him better.  (I like the name Scout--sounds smart and inquisitive, like a corgi.)  I'm enjoying the suggestions that go with the name Dollar, too.  How about "Buck," LOL.  (I wanted to name Fred--our second recue--"Bucky", but the rest of the family didn't agree.  And Fred had been called Fred his whole life, so we didn't change it.  Turns out that Fred fits him perfectly, anyway!  It's funny how some names fit a pet's personality and some don't....)  Anyway, good luck with your new family members.  Those are going to be some very loved and pampered dogs!! 


I just love your new family! Dollar is a beauty and the new pup is adorable. We are adding a new puppy to our family too. He will not be ready until January 9th but I can't wait. We are also thinking about naming him Scout so I am partial to that name. :) Congratulations!!


I admit confusion -- you're getting TWO?  7 y.o. Dollar and a puppy also??

You could name the puppy "Roosevelt" or "Bear".

Thumbs up! Thats a beautiful homage!

Yes. I will Have two corgis:) dollar my 7yr old and a new Corgi pup on the 14th


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