Here's the question to all the crafty dog owners.

I have a ton of uncooked bacon in the fridge, it's a little old, but not spoiled yet. I was thinking about making dog treats out of it, but not sure how and what. The easiest would probably be to wrap plain dog biscuits in it and bake.

Any more ideas?



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Maybe just cook it up and have little pieces for treats.


I would freeze it and save it for yourself later. :D  Bacon has a lot of chemicals in it that dogs shouldn't have, especially excess nitrates.  ...  People shouldn't really have them, either.  I'm buying uncured bacon from now on for me and Waffle. 


But, since that didn't answer your question really, you could cut the bacon up and mix it into the batter or cook the bacon in the frying pan and use the grease in the batter instead of butter.  


Bacon is delicious.

Waffle--Dino might agree with you that bacon is delicious. That really is a good idea. Iam going to try it and Dino might get in on it as well.

Bacon Jerky?

You probably shouldn't feed many whole pieces of bacon. It has so much fat and salt in it that it can cause some GI issues and in excess pancreatitis. The ideas of mixing pieces in with a batter is a good idea, still get some of the yummy bacon taste but less volume. Or maybe mix cooked bacon into a little doggie popsicle with yogurt and/or peanut butter? or just bake it and use it as training treats.


I personally would probably just cook it up and eat it myself :-D All that bacon is bad for Frankie, but he eats WAY better than I do! Lol.

My suggestion would be to soak it in water before you cook it for treats.  This will remove some of the salt that is in it.  I like the idea of chopping it up and putting it in batter.

All great ideas, thanks!

I'm not planning on feeding my dogs a ton of bacon, maybe one treat a few times a week. I know that's it's not great for either dogs or people, but a little bit won't hurt.

Soaking seems like a great idea, as well as saving bacon fat. A lot of dog treat recipes I see online call for it.

Thanks everyone!

I wrap twinkies with bacon and deep fry them.

For the dog? Oh. Almost none. A very small piece once in a while.

You said it's getting old. Would you still eat it? My rule of thumb is if I won't eat it I won't give it to my little buddy.


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