House broken ..Except when there is carpet?? what is going on

Maggie is now almost 9 months old. She has been housebroken since we got her at 5 months old. The only problem is when it comes to carpet (which we have in our basement and one bedroom). For some reason carpet is a fuzzy indoor potty. We first noticed it at my Mother's house when she did both acts on her carpet. Then once she figured out how to get to our basement, she has had "accidents" down there. What is going on?? And how do I get her to stop??

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Hi Laura, 


Maggie is at an age where her organs are mature enough to hold for longer hours, however, house broken means being reliable and accident free, from my experience, this doesn't happen until 1-2 years old. She is too young and have not earn her trust to be left alone unsupervised. Check out these 2 links, re-read them and apply the principal, you are almost there. Good luck.

Thanks Sam. I read the links you gave, wonderful advice. One question though, do you know if hydrogen peroxide will discolor the carpet (our carpet is beige) ? or would it be better to use the black bottle Bissel urine cleaner sold at the pet stores?
I have never had peroxide discolor anything...It used to be 10% (that is what people used to even dye their hair with) and now it's only 3 %. I use this to disinfect sinks, pour in dog laundry and many more things plus it doesn't have any "fake" perfumy odors":)
Ginger has problems with this at our house as well.  Wherever we had a rug, she would pee so we rolled up the rugs.  Now she doesn't go in the house anymore (hardwoods and tile).  The funny thing is, my mom's house is carpeted and she's never had an accident there.
I wish it could be that easy....Maggie had a couple of accidents on our bathmats, which of course we could wash. Unfortunately we can not do much in regards to our carpet (or my Mom's) !! oh well, the delights of a younger dog. I am thinking I should go around with a blacklight and look for spots.....and clean,clean,clean...


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