The Whole Dog Journal has an interesting article on what you can teach your dog to help you with around the house. They have a corgi getting the newspaper/mail, other dogs that sort laundry, close doors, pick up trash and other chores. If I could teach each one of my dogs to do a would be much easier:) Does anyone have their dog trained to help around the house?

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I have dreamed of training the dogs to help around the house with chores :)

Well...mine are very good at cleaning up any food that might hit the floor, don't want bugs ya know.  They also have a knack for washing ice cream and cereal bowls.  I tired to teach Max to get the dust bunnies under the bed but the cats fit under there better so they do that job.

I think cats are better at clearing out the cobwebs too:)

Jane...that they are!  They are also good at letting you know if there is a bug on the ceiling.  Mind like to make sure I get exercise too.  They wait until I am in reading in bed and I don't have my glasses on so I have to get out of bed, put my glasses on so I can see what is on the ceiling that they are staring at..  Some times it's nothing but they have acheived that extra bit of cardio with the heart pumping scramble to get up because it just might be a spider on the ceiling.

Linda, my shed  (well actually an old garage) cat loves to catch and eat flies...Maybe a duster on the ends of Corgi stubs would help with keeping the floors clean:)

I have trained Oliver to put away his toys...but like with any 4 year old, I have to stand there, point to the item in question, and ofter repeat myself. :)

Cute...I can just imagine the scenario:)

Wynn does put shoes away for me but unfortunately he scatters them into several crates and I have to go find the pairs that match...haha! Not funny when I'm in a hurry!

Thanks for the info.  I will let you know, when Amelia irons our clothes.

That'd be could probably make a million if you could train corgis to do this. I suppose a stool to reach the ironing board would help:)

Or cut the legs off the ironing board but then the clothes would drag on the floor and we all know what's all over the floor....corgi fur.

Well, if we have multiple corgis we could teach another to do the laundry????

Our refrigerator door will sometimes stay open and not close automatically. I've taught Baxter and Ziggy to close it. Baxter is shorter bodied than Ziggy and he has no problem. For Ziggy, however, it's a project to get right up on the door and stand up with his long body. It's cute to see him do it though! Neither needed treats to learn. Baxter seems to be pleased to just shut it. =)


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