I'm trying to find out if any of you guys have or know of a Corgi with an overbite. An overbite is when the top jaw is longer than the bottom jaw and it causes the top teeth to stick forward, like so:

Don't confuse this with a scissor bite which is when the top jaw is just SLIGHTLY longer:

So basically any upper jaw longer than this is an overbite.

Anybody got pics of Corgis with overbites? I'd like to study them!

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Ragnar has a pretty big overbite--I'll try to get you some pictures of it, but he's camera shy, so it will take some work.   We joke that we should have gotten him braces as a puppy.


Oh and fun fact: There is such a thing as a dentist for dogs! And they can do braces! http://www.avdc.org/

Not suggesting you get a dentist (unless his teeth are actually causing him problems) but thought you'd be interested to know :)

A lot of dogs have imperfect teeth but they don't all necessarily have to get them fixed.

Both of mine have scissor bites but I know one puppy in my cardigan's litter did have an overbite. Sorry I don't have any pictures showing his actual bite though.


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