I take my rat terrier out for a nice long roller blade once a day. He has the energy to spare and love going. He doesn't ever slow down. He is even ready to play the second we get back from our blading. My corgi Adeeda really wants to go with us but I'm afraid she wont be able to keep up because of her little legs. So I take them out separately. However, with Adeeda I only go around the block with her because I'm afraid of hurting her legs or doing some form of damage. Does anyone else take their corgi roller blading? If so how do they do and how long do you go for?

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I am amazed at what a 21 lb. corgi can do. Gwynn just took me for a 3-day, 40+ mile walk that included Class 2 rock climbing (occasional use of hands), snow travel, and two mountain summits, 8000'+ and 8760'. Dawn-to-dark each day, unable to keep up with her except on the really rocky, scary terrain.
Maybe it's all that chasing the soccer ball (we now use a water polo ball, lighter than a soccer ball).
I'm curious - what is a flirt pole?
Really good idea! I need to make one for play on rainy days.
How long is the stick?
I just use the kids fishing pole and tie a defluffed animal toy to the end. Works great for teaching a moving "leave it" too.
It's like a giant cat toy! Well Tucker wants to be one of the cats so that would probably be perfect. Thanks for the idea.
Winston and I have been going on long walks since he was 6 months. Corgi's are athletes-he can walk 3 to 4 miles if its not brutally hot like it gets here in Texas. I also take Winston to the lake alot and he could swim for hours. They may have small legs but the are strong and muscular. Dont think you will have a problem at all!
It depends on your dog.
I take Atlas bike riding to tire him out. He will run a few miles with me (sprinting mind you) and come home still wanting to play.
Keep in mind these dogs were bred to run around with livestock all day!
We take Conan for two walks a day (I plan on running with him, but am still recovering from a knee injury and running isn't allowed yet). We also take him to the park to play fetch or with his tug toy. Since we have a really big open park, it's easy to get away from the other people and dogs there, but it's not enclosed. We're going to get a long lead (30-50' leash) so we can play fetch but still have him on leash so he doesn't run out in to traffic or anything. Roller blading sounds awesome! I want to bike with Conan too, but I don't have a bike so I need to get one. I'm worried about the same thing with biking as you are with roller blading though. I know that running on concrete for a young dog should be kept to a minimum (not until after 2 years old) because of the joint damage. I think Corgis can handle it though. They were meant to run forever.
I take Holiday swimming to wear her out, we have some lovely coastline here in Wales to take advantage of and she loves playing in the waves and the little rock pools.
spencer walks 3 - 4 miles a day, we hike, run on the beach. on occasion, my bf will take him rollerblading with him, i'm not coordinated enough to go with them but spencer loves it and has no problem keeping up. they are usually out for about 20 mins when they go rollerblading.


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