Hello all,

My husband is a scientist, and this research study came to his attention.


If you click on the link, it's a page where scientists need our help to provide information on how we play with our dogs. 

If you can participate in the study, great!  If not, that's okay.  

I am still curious how others play with their corgi(s) though.

As for Bento and me, Bento loves to play fetch for food.  He'll bring me a squeaky toy to toss, and he'll bring it back to my open palm.  At this point, I give him a treat.  He will do this over and over until he's not hungry anymore or he's tired.  I really hope running after the toy and coming back with it burns off the 3 calories in the his treat.

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Snickers loves fetch. I throw a rope ball down the hall. I tried including treats, but she just inhaled the food and almost choked. She doesn't need incentive to bring the ball back! She will chase a tennis ball outside, but easily gets distracted, where inside, I'm the one who decides she is done. She also loves to play fetch and tug with a dog rope.

Franklin also loves to fetch when outside, mostly with sticks. He won't play with a normal tennis ball but prefers the Kong Squeaker balls and will play fetch outside with them for a while. In the fall when there are lots of leaves on the ground I throw the stick so he can't see where it lands and he LOOOOOOOOOOVES to search it out, we do this in tall grass too. Uses lots of brain power and seems to wear him out. Inside we play with a horse lunge whip. I've asked for a flirt pole for him for Christmas because he's already destroyed 3 whips. Gets a lot of energy out in a small space. 

Pneumatic Sphere Consultants' Technical Report:
Best: 7-8" dia. Nike Jr. child's basketball, toothproof.
Excellent: soccer ball, fastest, carry farthest, durable. Padded balls invite teeth, but is soon removed.
Very good: a volleyball (light, lively, toothproof).
Good alternate: a water polo ball.
Yard sales or secondhand stores, $1-2.

Of course, you can't have too many tennis balls, but I wonder if the grit in tennis balls wears teeth down?

A radio-controlled toy car is the mother of all dog toys.

Boo LOVES to fetch, when she is outside she has a "favorite" stick but inside she has a wide variety of toys. She is constantly trying to fetch something. When she was a pup it took her awhile to get the hang of it but ever since she did she hasn't stopped. We use the Chuck-It with the mini balls when we go down to the beach and she loves that too!

Noodles is all about playing tug-o-war. We go through a set of rings each year and his latest thing with tug-o-war are his many rope toys. The ropes aren't easy for us humans to hold on to, so when they slide out of your hand, Noodles will bring our end back to us. He growls and hops backwards while playing. He could play this all day long if we let him. The other thing we do is play hide-n-seek. If both of us are hiding, he doesn't like that, but if one of us hides, you can hear him run to the known hiding places trying to find us. If the person doesn't appear, Noods will go find the non-hiding human & take that person to where he thinks the other person is at. Then he will cry until you help make the hiding person appear. Then his little bunny butt shakes and you get covered in kisses. Fun game for all involved.

Bogart's favorite toy is the tennis ball. He will play fetch for as long as you will throw it.  He also likes to be chased when he has the ball, and tries to bark while he's holding it - it is the funniest thing to hear!

Regi loves to fetch (though he's still figuring out the "bring it back" part.)He also likes playing tug-of-war or any other strength game where he can be a little aggressive. 


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