We only have 2 Corgis but I would love to have more! 

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I have a neutered 2 yo red/white and a neutered 1 yo BHT. When my Rexx (not a corgi) passes I would like to get two more and they will be older rescues.
I have two, a sable/red male and a rht female! Part of me would like more, but since I started agility with one and hope to start rally with the other, I realize I'm maxed out; it's tough to find training time!
By the way, Corgis are like potato chips; you can't stop at just one.
We have two. Soffie our Red w/white and Griffyn our Black headed tri. If my place was bigger I would have 2 more; a Red headed tri pembroke and we'd add a cardigan to the group too. Maybe I'll win the lottery this weekend and we can move!!! Tee hee!!!
We only have Twinkie and her mixed-breed sister, Amy. Boy, would I like us to have another corgi! A fluffy brother, I think. My husband just thinks its crazy to have three dogs in the 'burbs! I would agree if we were talking about any other breed. I have already contacted Twinkie's breeder to see if she will have another litter using Twinkie's parents. Shhh, don't tell...
I have 2 a red-head tri named Jordan(2 yrs.old) and a black-headed tri girl named Teagen(she's 1)!! But these 2 little firecrackers quarentee that there be no more for a long time =)
We only have Ashton right now out of respect for our old rescue shepherd Brynner. He is closing in on 14 years old and the thought of him putting up with the energy of 2 corgis is just too much. Ashton still tries to get Brynner to frap with him, but at his age one gallop across the yard is about all he can handle. lol In the future we do plan on getting a little girl corgi. :)
We have three at home. Two red and white neutered males.Charlie, 2 years and Walter, 3 years old. Our newest additon is a 4 month old RHT, Bode. They certainly keep our family entertained! I wouldn't trade them for all the money in the world!

Soooooo cute!!! : )
Just one - for now, lol. Ella 2 yr old red/white pem is our only pet as of now. We've discussed adopting a rescue, and figure if the right one comes along we will know.
We have a 7 month old female & a 4 month old male, both are cardis. We'll likely add one or two later, most likely an older dog. Pups are a lot of work! lol
I have two, a tri and red and white. I think four would be a perfect number but my husband thinks two is plenty. Also since our grand dog doberman came to live with us I guess even I agree that we are maxed out right now.... Eventually I would also like a Cardigan just to compare. I don't know how you could have just one!


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