Clutch is our first Corgi and we have had him for 2 months now. He is 24 weeks old. He is currently eating Blue Buffalo Wilderness for puppy and he poops at least 4 times a day. I was just wondering if this is normal for a puppy his age?



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Absolutely normal!    Until he is closer to maturity, he'll probably go in the morning, at lunch time, at dinner time, and right before bed. 


Just a warning:  Anecdotally, Corgis seem to have very funny pooping habits.  Mine are well into adulthood and will generally go 2 or 3 times each on a walk, both AM and PM.   In addition, if I take them out at odd times they will frequently go even if they would have been ok holding it if not given the opportunity to go outside.  Not sure why, most other dogs I've had go once or twice a day depending on their eating schedule. 

Mine is the same way - once he is outside & runnin, things get movin!

he's almost 2yo...

I say completely normal. 


My pup is 5 months (almost 6 now) and she goes even more frequently than that.  She's more like what Beth's corgis sound like.  She'll go out and poo, then come back in and poo again within 15 minutes.  Then she sometimes goes a third time within 5 minutes of the second poo.  If we're on a walk then she goes at least twice with an occasional third once we get home.  We're having a heck of a time housebreaking her as a result, but she's getting there a little at a time!

I am no expert, but it seems like with their long little bodies, they have extra room for intestines....and they seem to make use of all the available space!  I happened to see an x-ray of one of my corgi's (thanks to her ingestion of the rubber ring off the bottom of her bowl) and I remember thinking, "Oh.  Now I see why they poop so much!"

Noodles goes once on our jog in the morning, but then he will go up to 3 times on our jog in the evening. He might possibly go one more time before bed, but no guarantees on that one. (Oh, he is 6 years old.)
My benson was like that as a pup, he is now almost two yrs. and things have settled into a routine,he will sometimespoop twice on our long nightly walk. I have been told type of food can make a difference as well, enjoy your corgi, they are awesome pals!
Seems normal. Steve, who will be 4 next month, will go about 3-4 times/day. If I take him on a car ride he'll go a few more times. I guess the car vibration gets stuff moving in his system, lol. His record is 8 times. I think he lost weight that day.....
Yep, three or four times a day for Beau at nearly five months. Thanks for asking because I was wondering the same thing!

Franklin goes between 3-6 times a day, depending on how many walks he gets. He goes pretty much every walk even if its just a teesy weensy bit. It seems like some kind of survival instinct for corgis! Lol. Its like wild mustangs will drink at any creek or river they come to, a corgi will poop on any outing! And regarding food, Frank has been on EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING from Beneful, to Purina, to Science Diet, to Wilderness to Wellness to Raw to store bought raw, and now on Taste of the Wild. His pooping habits did not change one bit with a change in diet, only  thing that did change was consistency of poops. Sounds like corgis are just little poop machines!

Jack does this too:  he'll ALWAYS go when on a walk even if he just went.  Sometimes he forces out the tiniest little plop, it's ridiculous!
Ha, this thread made me laugh. Ours also go A LOT. With the amount of poop bags I have after our walks I look like I am walking 6 dogs!
It is good to know that he is normal. I think I should invest in the poop bag market :)


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