megan, is 13, weights 25 pounds, eats 2/3 cups of dry food and a little wet food
Trevor, 2 years, 21 pounds, eats 1.5 cups of food and a little wet food
Abby, 2 years, 19 pounds, eats same as trevor

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Mocha, male is 6 y/o, 27 lbs, 1 cup a day
Vienna, female is 6 y/o, 27 lbs, 3/4 cup a day
Sadie is 16.8 lbs and 28 weeks old (7 months). She eats a total of one cup a day; we split this in two meals, breakfast and dinner. She also gets some treats during the day. Although, she just got spayed so I heard her weight will increase a lot for a few days, but that might be an "old wives tale!"
Wendy is 8 months and weighs 22.7 lbs - they vet she is happy and healthy.
Caden is ~14 months old, 25 lbs, and gets 1 cup a day of dry California Natural,... (just switched to the Herring & Sweet Potato flavor... the food itself is stinky, but his coat is looking extra shiny. )

I've posted this before, but don't forget that different brands of food, even flavors of foods, have different energy contents. For example, 1 cup of California Natural Chicken has 511kcal versus 1 cup of California Natural-Herring has 419 kcal. Almost a difference of 100 calories.. ! So now he gets a hearty 1/2 cup of food, twice a day.
Ella is 14 months old.

She was a bit small/thin when we got her at 8 months, we think she may have been the runt. So we started her at 1.5 cups of food and split that into breakfast and lunch with lots of vegetables.

Now that she is older, she just doesn't seem as hungry as she used to be and has gained enough weight to put her up to 20lbs. We are now considering just giving her 1 cup a day, 1/2 for each meal.

She's about 11 inches to the "shoulder" but very long and narrow. Any weight she gains seems to go to her shoulders and butt, lol.
Grissom is almost 10 months old, 16lbs, and usually eas a prey-model raw diet consisting of 1/2 lb meat, organ, and bone per day.
I'm temporarily living with my grandparents until my wedding in December, and since they won't let me take up the freezer space with my assortment of chicken drunsticks, beef heart and liver, por necks, etc, I have put the boys on EVO for a couple months.
Griss eats 1/3 c twice a day with some ground raw turkey, buffalo, elk, or venison mixed in.
I love that our boys are so close in age but my Potus is double Grissom's weight. If I lived close by I would've loved to have gotten them together and seen them side by side. I guess my Po must be big for his age. :)
My girls (Angel & Holly) are 7 yr old sisters that each are 13 inches at the shoulder. Their mom & dad were big corgis, and they weigh 33-34 pounds, which the vet says is OK. They each eat about 1 & 1/2 cups of Iam's weight control daily.
I guess I should update this to add that Madison is nearly 5, she gets 1/2 cup kibble AM and 1/2 cup PM, and she weights 28 pounds.

I think it's very amusing that she gets 1/3 cup more food than Jack does, weights 10 pounds less than he does, and is not nearly as active as Jack is. Half the time she is already asleep and he is still barreling around the house with assorted balls and toys.

Poor Jack. :-( He dearly wishes that he could get more food....
Leo weighs a perfect 28 pounds and eats 1 1/5 cups of kibble daily, he is 1 year and one month old.
Randy weighs 18.3 pounds and eats about 1 cup of kibble daily, he is 6 months old.
Zwei is 15 lb, eats 1 cup of dry food a day and is 10 months old.


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