We were advised to feed Isabella 3/4 cup, twice a day (now a mix of Wellness Puppy and Blue Buffalo Adult Chicken).  When she is 5 months old she will get 3/4 cup, twice a day, of the Blue Buffalo Adult Chicken only, no more Wellness Puppy.  Then, at 8 months of age she will get 1/2 cup of food twice a day.  I figured she'd eat like a pig, but she doesn't at all!  I give her the food in the morning and she always has some left in the evening.  Again, in the evening she'll eat some but she ALWAYS has food left in her bowl.  How odd is that?

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I wouldn't worry too much, as hard as that is to say. Alwyn has never been a bit eater, even as a young puppy. We would give him 1/2 cup twice daily and he wouldn't even finish that. Often we'd be lucky if he ate half of that amount in each feeding. For some reason he's just not food crazy. Maybe Isabella is the same way. Alwyn is 7 1/2 months now and there are times where he'll randomly chow down on his food like there's no tomorrow and other times he'll barely give it a sniff. Give her time, I'm sure she's eating enough to get by. =)
It's comforting to know there are other non-piggies out there! Thanks. I'm sure she'll eat when she is hungry, I was just surprised at how little interest she seems to have in food!
I went through the same concerns, worries, panics as you're going through so know you're not alone. Alwyn has grown and gained weight to my surprise without a big appetite. He's nearly 30lbs now and lean but muscular! I don't know how he's done it but he turned out just fine. I'd continue to encourage and give Isabella lots of praise when she does eat. You're doing a great job I'm sure!
That seems like a lot. I used to feed Seanna that amount, and she started to get FAT. She's been getting 1/4 cup twice a day for over a year now, with occasional people snacks--but is still have weight issues. It used to seem like such a small amount, but if you think about how little her stomach is, it's really not. And she does well with it...
Thanks, Jennifer. So, maybe she is doing a good job at self-regulating and just not over eating right now! The breeder said to start feeding her less when she's 5 months old because she needs/uses more energy now as a young puppy. I'll keep an eye on her, for sure. Perhaps she won't need even 1/2 cup twice a day...
I feed my two 1/2 cup in the morning and 1/2 cup at night. It's gone before it hits the bowl. If there was any left in the bowl, I would have to call the vet. I guess I have the piggy's. I've seen pictures on here with food in dishes and I'm totally amazed.
Thanks, Susan. Were they that way as puppies, too? I'm wondering if her appetite will develop as she grows...
Monty is not a big meal eater also. He loves treats but I usually have to pretend to eat his dinner before he gets interested in eating and then I have to pep talk him through the rest as he is very easily distracted. He has been that way since he was a puppy though I suspect in our case he associated meals with upset bellies because it took us three months as a puppy to realize he was sensitive to chicken. I now feed him about a 1/3 a cup of a high protein kibble with pumpkin and a little boiled meat. I have added extra but he leaves it so this seems to be the amount required for him at the moment. It usually increases a bit when we are in training classes.
Thanks. Now that I'm thinking more about this....Hmmm...Isabella came home with a few meds for Giardia. The breeder (a veterinarian) is on well water and said once she's on city water it shouldn't be a problem anymore. She had 7 days worth of meds...That's all done now, but her poop is still a bit on the soft side. She goes for her first vet appointment tomorrow and I'll take in a stool sample to make sure all is cleared up. Maybe her appetite has been a bit off from that?
I try to feed Waffle a cup a meal-- half a cup (dry) of a dehydrated raw, and half a cup of some kibble. Sometimes he eats it, sometimes he eats part of it, and sometimes he doesn't eat it at all. He also gets plenty of cookies and treats. He's thin like a stick at 26 pounds, but not for lack of trying. He's a BIG boy, though. 26 for any other corgi might be FAT, or getting there. If I were feeding him just kibble, I'd probably give him a cup a meal, or half to 3/4 with some tasty mixers in it. But, like I said, he's huge and ever-skinny.
My pem Henry gets 3/4 cup twice a day, but he's never been very excited about kibble. It's not unusual for him to skip a meal here and there; we used to worry about it quite a bit when he was little but he's turned out just fine. We add a little water to his food now which seems to make him more interested.

My cardi puppy on the other hand would eat the entire BAG of food and still be asking for more...
Wow, that is almost exactly what we fed (and continue to feed) Edison. Don't worry unless she's leaving a *lot* of food behind- she's probably one of those amazingly rare self-regulating corgis! I definitely wished we had one of those the time Edison broke into and ate an entire 1/2 lb bag of treats in the car. :)


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