We were advised to feed Isabella 3/4 cup, twice a day (now a mix of Wellness Puppy and Blue Buffalo Adult Chicken).  When she is 5 months old she will get 3/4 cup, twice a day, of the Blue Buffalo Adult Chicken only, no more Wellness Puppy.  Then, at 8 months of age she will get 1/2 cup of food twice a day.  I figured she'd eat like a pig, but she doesn't at all!  I give her the food in the morning and she always has some left in the evening.  Again, in the evening she'll eat some but she ALWAYS has food left in her bowl.  How odd is that?

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If the dog has never eaten anything but that food, you may want to switch slowly. What's bunk is the idea that the dog should only ever eat one food. If you stop doing that, you can switch as often and as abruptly as you want.

The reason the dog reacts to a new food is that its intestines have been fooled into thinking that there are only five ingredients in the world. It's no more "normal" for them to have issues than it would be for you to be in the bathroom for five days because you ate a bite of celery.

If you keep their diet varied, they have the iron tummies they should have.
OK, that makes perfect sense. Thanks again!
Finn gets about a cup twice a day, while Guinness gets a 1/2 to 2/3 cup twice a day (he's on a diet because he got quite chubby). I think Finn would eat everything in sight if he could; he's like a teenage boy! In fact, we have to watch him, or he will get into the cat's food (which is partly how Guinness got so chubby, he ate it too. And I'm still trying to figure out how the cat is 13 pounds when they've eaten so much of her food and she has been put on a diet as well. LOL)

Guinness will go through phases where he just won't eat much for a few days, but then he's right back to inhaling it. Finn has never had a problem with eating!
I guess they are all different, that's for sure! Today Isabella ate like a pig at breakfast. Maybe I spoke too soon? Ha Ha.

As for your cat...I was at a loss as to what to do with the cat's food when we brought Isabella home -- I didn't want her eating it. So, I picked up the cat's food and put it at a level that the puppy can't reach. I'd prefer to have it back on the floor, though! Maybe I should try it and just watch the puppy? Heck, I could put the cat's food on top of the fridge, but that's inconvenient for me. :o) Now I'm left wodering what other corgi/cat owners do with the cat's food.
With Guinness we ended up just putting it in a corner that he was afraid of (he doesn't like heat vents) and that worked great for about a year til we got Finn. I may have to come up with a new idea. The last few days I've been giving the cat her breakfast when I leave for work, as Finn gets locked up again. (We had him baby-gated off in a tiled section of our house, but he's gotten big enough to jump over it. We tried leaving him out, but he's a chewer, so back in a kennel he goes, but a new, larger one.) And he leaves her dinner alone as long as we are close by.
When we are home we have half of our downstairs (all tile) baby gated for Isabella. I think I'll move the cat's food to the other side of the gates. :o) That'll work for now! The cat is probably getting annoyed with me as this will be the second time I've moved her stuff! The puppy has already taken over her "house"...The cat has one of the carpeted tree/scratching post/perch house things and the puppy likes to chew on it and curl up in the bottom part of it...
Corgi's get fat sooo easily. Never feed what a bag of dog food says to feed a corgi, it's more like a game of trial and error, testing out how much to feed in order to keep them fit with how much you exercise them. Tegan gets a total of 3/4 cup of Wellness Core dry and two tablespoons of the wet food per day and he is a pretty big boy at 30lbs, but he maintains and looks good and has energy so this seems to be a good amount.

A little female I had never would get over 19lbs no matter HOW much food I gave her, she was always looking too skinny, and she was perfectly healthy, she just had a really fast metabolism. Another corgi we had was on a diet her whole life, very meager meals, and I swear she must have been almost 45lbs.

They are all different! It's good that Isabella doesn't inhale her food like most corgis, she has more self control :) I'd only leave her food out for her for 30 mins and then put it up, not leave it out all day, if you don't already, because that can make them better eaters if you're really worried... they get a sense of a bit of urgency, like, "If I don't eat now it won't be here later..."

OH! and the cat food thing, Tegan LOVES cat food... but he has little legs ;) so I just put it up on my desk in my room or the kitchen table (we never use ours) and let the kitty eat up high where T can't get it. Cat food is like cheese burgers for dogs lol


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