Hi everyone! Tobi has been getting 1 cup of Beneful (puppy) dry food in the morning, between 7 and 8 and then another cup between 4 and 5. I was wondering if this is too little for him? Or should we give him more since he is 7 months now and growing? He also gets a little bit of the Beneful or Peanut Butter in his Kong to get him in his crate and eats a couple Milk Bone puppy treats a day, are these all good treats for him? Thanks in advance for the responses! Have a great day everyone (:

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You need to just go by his body condition IMO. You should be able to easily feel his ribs but not see them.


It also depends on the food. Honestly Beneful is one of the worst foods out there, if you can afford something better I would definitely suggest it. You'll find with a higher quality food you don't need to feed as much because it isn't full of fillers like the cheaper foods, he should poop less too. I would also suggest going to an adult or all life stages formula.


You can take a look at these sites to get an idea of the different types of food. The reviews are not written by a nutritionist but they are still a good guideline IMO.



That is quite a bit of food for a 7 month old.  There is likely a lot of filler in Beneful... I would definitely check out some other options in your price range.  Typically... the better quality the food, the less amount they need to consume.  My girls are 2 and 2 1/2 years and weigh 22 and 27 pounds.  I feed them Acana made by Champion Petfoods and one gets 1 cup and the other 1 1/4 cups per day.   This food is protien and botanicals... no grain.  Therefore, they do not require high quantities of food. 

Ehh, that seems a bit much. My adult corgi gets one cup a day, and he's 30 pounds. I would say no more than a 1 1/2 cups. I also agree that you should try to find a better food. Even Nutro Natural Choice is a pretty good food, with a lot fillers. You'll notice that your dog will poop less, and it'll be easier to pick up. :)


Also, don't pay attention to the feeding guide on the back of the food. They always tell you to feed more. That way, you run out of food faster and buy more! 

My 13 weeek Bento gets 1.5 cup of kibble total for the day. He gets .5 cup at 6:30, .5 at 12:30, and then another .5 at 6:30. He does get treats through out the day as well. We have the classic peanut butter in his kong, Charlee Bears, frozen green beans, 0% greek yogurt, and banana. Obviously, I don't give Bento all of these treats. I rotate them. The PB is a high value treat. The Charlee Bear and frozen green beans are usual staple.
Hi Tobi, Jack and King, everything you need to know about food is in the FAQ, food is a religion, do your own research, don't be brand loyal and follow the crowd. Remember treats and peanut butter are not the staple of food, they should be used only during training and on rare occasions. Corgis can put on weight easily, you want to keep him at a lighter weight to prevent back and leg injuries. Do the best you can, don't let anyone make you feel guilty.
Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I suspected Beneful wasn't really the greatest food, but wanted some opinions. My Aunt works at a Vet and she feeds all of her dogs Puppy Pro Plan and she suggested we feed this to Tobi, do any of you use this food? And if so what do you think about it? We will stop with the 2 cups today. I'm getting ready to feed him his dinner, would 1/2 a cup suffice since he had 1 cup in the morning? Thanks in advance!
.5 cup is fine. It'll add up to 1.5 cups of kibble, which is what my breeder and vet recommended. Once he's older, we reduce the amount to just 1 cup. As for the Puppy Pro Plan, I don't know.

We feed Bento Blue Buffalo Puppy kibble, and he loves it. Not as much as peanut butter, but we can't always just eat "junk food."
Pro Plan is defnitely better than Beneful. I've heard it's okay, but I haven't actually tried it myself.

My pup is on Beneful as well (for now, because it's what the breeder was feeding her...) and she gets 1 1/2 cups per day at 3 months old.  Her weight gain and growth have been completely normal so, for her, this is enough.  You should go by how he looks and feels, as well as his growth.


I don't have any experience with Puppy Pro Plan, but I am slowly moving my pup over to Taste of the Wild.  It's a high quality food and, best of all, it's an All Life Stages food.  So no need to buy a separate puppy formula!


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