Hi all, just wondering what the average weight for a corgi puppy is...the vet says Maple is healthy, she is 21 lbs @ 6 months! Wondering if this is a bit too much...Her father is named "Tank", and he is a big corgi, possibly 40 lbs. Is there such a thing as a Big Corgi breed? Your thoughts...

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Hi Alicia, I have three Cosmo is three and Big! He is longer ,bigger and a male which he should weigh more than a female. He is 40lbs! He eats Wellness single protein lamb (allergies) and only gets a cup total 1/2 in am and pm. He doesn't care to much about food. He keeps weight about same and is very active so he is just big! Luna my female is tiny and she weighs thirty pounds and is a foodaholic! She eats 1/2 cup two times a day of Livesmart chicken and rice weight management. I use what are called portion packs they are premeasured pouches with choice of food that is delivered to my house once a month with heartworm meds . So Maple will probably need weight management food as an adult after a year old. Luna loves it and is picture of health! So just be aware of her genetics and plan ahead ! www.smartpak.com is the site TTY soon
My male is 4yo @ 34lbs and my female is 11months old @ 23lbs but she is a very small corgi very petite in her bone structure, she is probably a larger boned corgi, just like with people.
Thanks for the respond! I hope she is just big boned, I think that would be really cute! I just love little chunky corgis, even though I know thats not exactly healthy...I think her blood line is of big boned corgis! The vet I take her to doesn't necessarily support feeding dogs "commercial" dog food, so I have her on a specific diet of ground turkey, brown rice and veggies...boy does she love her veggies! However after one year, I will be monitoring her weight a little more, making sure her lil legs dont go bad on us! Thanks again for the feedback, it helps! =)
Our little girl, Morna, is now two years old and weighs about 19lbs. She hasn't got an inch of fat on her....she runs too fast for any to settle! :) I think they can range in size, just like people. Some have smaller frames and some have larger frames... as long as they are our Tri-corgi's on the outside, they'll be our Tri's on the inside. I love Morna's "talking" to us. She really vocalizes and it's often not too hard to figure out what she is saying!
My 12 week old tri colored male puppy Darby weighed in at 9lbs even

Jake (the red in ouir pictures) is around 25 pounds and feels a little heavy.  He's 4yo.  Arthur is 9yo and around 34 pounds.  He's much bigger boned than Jake though and just a bigger dog.  Both are rescue dogs adn I suspect Jake came from a mill but he's still a damn nice dog.
Zoomie, our tri girl, is 10 months and 30 pounds.

Stella was 7.3lbs at 10 1/2 weeks.

Winston is 2 years old. he weights 26 pounds.He was the runt and is not big boned. We give him 3/4 of a cup in the morning and the evening. That is plenty.He loves Purina One Smart Blend, lamb and rice. He will eat that dry without complaining. I am not a big "what do you feed your dog believer" as long as there is good protein and not much meal they are all acceptable. It is more important to keep their weight in check and get them plenty of exercise. He will eat anything but Lemons, so we have to work on not feeding him table scraps. However he is hard to resist when he puts on the "Puppy Face".

Reginald is 10 weeks old and weighed in a healthy 8.7 lbs this morning at the vet.

My baby is getting so big!

Female Pembrokes shouldn't be more than about 25lbs. Tank may have been of the larger breed. Did Tank have a tail, or was he just fat? LOL>....Joke is on me...as those are really old posts....OH well...maybe we will stir up some interest on here...



Zoomie, our female tri, is now 33 months (will be 3 in January) and is holding steady at 32 pounds. She's really long so she "carries it well." I remember her weight because she is the same as my skinny 5 year old.


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