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I know our corgis make some funny noises and have their adorable "ah-roo" bark. Last night Bebop caught me by surprise though. In the middle of the night (around 3am) he all of a sudden made a "ah-roo" howl. Then didnt say anything afterwards. That was it...Totally random. Has this happened to anyone else? Was he talking in his sleep? Was he in pain? (first night of no meds after being neutered and having 2 dewclaws removed). 

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If it was quiet after he was probably sleep talking. Frank often does a funny little woof woof wooo when he is sleep barking. We were playing with a harmonica one day and found out Franklin knows how to howl too! Lol


I'd bet he was dreaming :)

Dino said that he is dreaming.

We've taught our 3 to howl on command  (Sing!). It's so funny.  They have typical deep Corgi barks but two of them have tiny high pitched ahwooo howls and the third can really sing.  It's so fun.


Does anyone know what stimulus might bring about a howl instead of a bark?

haha, Ok, good to know he was dreaming :)  Must have been about something good! 

Vee, I'm also curious what may trigger them to howl instead!

It's an ancestral thing. Wolves (and to a lesser extent coyotes) howl to bring the pack together, or as a show of unity (before a hunt, say) or to let other pack members know where they are when they are separated. Some dogs can be triggered to howl by certain howl-like pitches made by humans or instruments (like Franklin in the video). Jack gives beagle-like "ah-roos" when he is especial

Love it!
Emergency vehicle sirens or tornado sirens always do it for our girls. They're civil defense corgis....it's a public service to add to the siren.

Dino used to do that when a commericial came on but has since stopped.

Baron does a low wrruf, wrruf in the middle of the night and wheh he goes out after dark.

Luna (our talkative one) does this. She also grumbles in her sleep.


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