My pemmy just turned 5 months old.. he does this thing where when i give him kibbles either as treats or out of his wobbler, the first few he eats, he throws them around and tries to attack them, and will act as though they are something hes trying to kill i guess. its soo funny watching him attack his kibbles, did anyone else pup do this? its pretty funny.

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yes, absolutely!! not with every treat, but certain ones!! 

Oh my goodness yes! Lemmy pounces like a cat too, it's soo cute!

Several of my pups  do this even at 6's so fun to watch.

Yup...Seanna does this too.  She'll do the same thing with her toys--she has these foam balls that she'll throw up and around and chase them and attack them--she can entertain herself for hours.  :-)


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