i was out with some friends having a good time when i wanted to show them a photo of Baden, its one my favorite photos of him and just wanted to share it. i got a few !awww how cute!" "hes such a darling, i love him!" and the next response went like this "hes cute and all but i really think its selfish move to buy a  pure breed dog when theres so many amazing mixes out there. they are full of health problems and cost an arm/leg yet u pretty much get them for their looks. i grew up having only mixes and i cant stand the thought of why u would fall for something many people do. i mean look at how they show dogs making the parade around the ring like, o look at me, im better than the poor lab mix in the shelter. its no different than a kid Padget and he will get put down because of u. just because u wanted a pure breed dog"

it hurt beyond words. i got my first corgi Teddy (R.I.P) who wasnt a standard since he was bluie, but i loved him just the same! i did my research on dogs way before i made the decision. i knew a corgi was perfect fit for my life style. granted he came from a farm but he was an amazing dog. he was becoming a therapy dog because he has such a huge heart for people.

so what i got Baden from a breeder. i love this dog and his breeder was so passionate and so kind when she heard of Teddys passing and let me pick Baden out of the litter and i watched him grow every week when i visited. sure i paid a lot for him but i know she wasnt making a lot off me and i know it was because he was tested for every harmful genetic disease he could get and for his deworming, shots, etc. we still talk to this day!

i guess i just didnt know what to think but to give my 2cents worth and leave. i dont think showing your dogs is cruel at all. i know several people who do and their dogs love it. and on top of all this i have fostered 13 dogs in the past and have adopted 3 cats, not kittens from the shelter.

sorry for the rant, it just hurts that some people think this way about my dog and of me. she made it sound like i sentenced every dog in the shelter to its death 

this is teddy. my first corgi

and this is baden at 3 years old

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Doesn't sound like someone I'd be keeping in my life.  What an insensitive jerk.

shes tried to apologize but honestly why would i want someone like that to be my "friend" jerk is defiantly the right term for her

I remember Teddy well, he was such a nice dog! Some people are quite insensitive, most mean no harm, so don't take it personally....

now that this has happened a few times i have just learned to do exactly that. not take it personally and move on because i love my boy and thats what matters :)

It is never worth getting upset over little stuff.  Sure, it may hurt at first, but why give it the power to hurt any more?

Better to think, "After they get time to think about it, that person will probably regret they said that."

It's like when someone cuts me off on the road:  I can get angry, get my heart rate and blood pressure up, or I can think, "Maybe he just heard that his child has been hurt... or has some other forgivable reason for poor driving."

It can be fun to relieve anger with humor.  In this case, you may reflect that the scriptures nowhere state that St. Peter is not a purebred Welsh corgi, and this person may have a surprise waiting for them at the pearly gates. 

I should heed my own advice.

I remember Teddy too.  I am nearly certain we have saved at least one dog from suffocation by spreading the word (we very nearly lost Siri to a plastic bag).

Baden looks like da Boss.

John, i still cant thank you enough for helping me spread the word about Teddys and Siris  accident, i know we saved some lives.

YES haha he is da boss too! you know when i drive and someone does cut me off i do try to think of the "what ifs" sometimes they are just being a butthead and sometimes its something really important but it is what it is and i need to keep continuing to my destination 

They are both gorgeous.  Don't listen to people like that, they obviously have no manners.  When Foxy was a puppy I had a lady say to me boy that's a face only a mother could love.  I was so devastated.  How can people be so mean.

for real? someone said that about your corgi puppy? they must of been blind...seriously your corgi is stunning and adorable!

Be the Teflon. Be the duck. Just let it roll off. You have some handsome boys there. :)

thank you Susan :)

ooohh lordie. GET MAD, don't get hurt. I personally have exactly zero patience with morons (the demise of patience seems to come with old age). This is, decidedly, what we call a certifiable moron.

As long as you're not hurting anyone or robbing banks, you get to lead your life the way you please, thank you very much, and you get to have any kind of darned dog you please! I've have told her to mind her own business and go adopt another mutt.

Lol couldnt help but laugh when i read this. i thought the very same thing when i was heading home, like theres so many other things i could of done and apparently getting a dog of my choice is unforgivable to her. pfffff


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