Ok, this could be fun! Who doesn't like to brag, right? I'm sure we all think our little gal or guy is the cleverest dog ever, and Corgi's are known to be an intelligent breed. What makes yours the smartest one of all?

I know Jack is a genius because he knows the name of all his toys. He has about a dozen toys, 80% of which are some sort of ball, and he can tell them all apart and will get the correct one when you ask for it. It's a riot to see him trotting around the house looking for the right one; if he's bored I send him for one I haven't seen in a few days and watch him look under the couch, behind the toilet, in the back of his crate, and every which way for that toy. Sometimes if you ask for a toy he doesn't feel like playing with, he'll go over and poke it once with his nose and look at you as if to say "If you want it so bad, get it yourself; it's right there!"

When we bring home a new toy, we will say the name of the toy twice and he's got it. He can also cross-reference by game. For example, I taught him catch with a ball called Knobbly Wobbly, and he will get that ball if I say "Where's Knobbly Wobbly?" or if I say "Do you want to play catch?"

A couple weeks ago, my husband and I were on our deck with a small telescope. Shawn commented that he thought we could see the rings of Saturn. And we could! Very cool, so we commented on how clearly you could see the rings.

Jack barked once and looked at us. I thought he might need to go to the bathroom (the deck is gated but our yard is not fenced, so he needs to be taken off with a leash so he can go potty). So I went in the house with him and went to grab his leash, when he comes running out of the living room with his rubber rings in his mouth and a gleam in his eye. He heard us talking about rings, so he went and got them; he didn't need to potty at all.

So, why is your Corgi a genius? Share your stories of Corgi acumen. :-)

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yep, according to them... they're going to DIEEEEE soon if some food doesn't come their way
For a couple of days at least. He also knows at 10:00 on the dot to get ready to go in his kennel.
Kyuubi is the same way.. not with food though... every day we take him to my father in laws house to play with his golden and Daniel does some work there while I am at work. Every day I get home at 5:26 and when its time for me to come home Kyuubi goes and sits at the door waiting for me to get home. He stops playing because he knows its time to go home.
We know our Sami is a genius because the other day at just under 17 weeks old she posed a question AND answered it. "How do you get on top of the tall black oriental table in the livingroom?" "Easy you get on the red velvet chair first!" Realy though she amazes us all the time with the way she will figure something out.....when she wants to do it that is! Our corgis are a constant joy, aren't we lucky!!?
Ha ha...mischievous little Sami!
Cori owners are the luckiest! So, much "joy" brought into our lives, when we added corgis to our families.
Oliver is a genius because he too can name off his toys... and once he shreds them takes them to the trash can. I never have to worry about forgetting to feed him, because he will bring his food bowl to me. Now that the food is upstairs (I am pregnant, and tired of running up and down a flight of stairs just to get him his breakfast/dinner), he will push the bag around the kitchen. He has yet to tip it over, just make noise until I come make him dinner. As long as there is a treat involved, it doesn't take 15 minutes to pick up a new trick (we did "high five" 3 times and he has it down pat).
He too can read minds... the minute I think about going outside/leaving for anything, he is at the door, tail wagging. Heaven forbid I finally pick up the thousand and one shoes he lines up in the livingroom, we spend 20 minutes in a frenzy before he finally figures out I'm not leaving, and then doesn't care.
Recently we discovered the fine art of selective hearing, and am proud to be a grand master!! The bluebird in the backyard, or Sam the pug across the street completely trumps mom's desperate cries to come. Ever showing our incredible IQ, even if it isn't exactly how mom and dad thinks it should be used!
I know Charlie is a genius because he knows when we order food for take out. He runs to the door that leads to the garage and waits. If I don't come soon enough he hunts me down and barks as if to say, "hurry, it's time to go"! Did I mention, he LOVES to ride in the car?
Wow, sounds like Jack really is a genious and his parents are also.
Shiro is only 5 months old, but I know he's a genious because he always knows whether I have treats or not. If I do he'd do whatever I ask him to do. If I don't he just ignores me. :)


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