I write some poetry, usually of the cowboy kind cause that is who I am.... Recent years I write what I feel on a certain day, at a certain time about what I am feeling. I love puppies, they are more honest than most humans, more loving of inferior humans and are one of God"s finest creations.




There is one smell I will love, probably until my very death
Ain’t no high priced perfume, only skunky puppy breath.
Licks from a little pink tongue, gives off this pretty smell
I myself have seen it, and know the fragrance real well.

Putting up with the piddles, and stains on a brand new rug
All go away, with some gently placed slurps, put upon my mug.
The chewed up slippers, chords and sometimes an occasional shoe
Are just the cost of this fragrance, cause that’s what puppies do.

The wet cold little noses, when stuck into my ear
Make me love them even more, when I hold a puppy near.
Their crying and their whining, their growls when they are at play
Brings them even closer to me, it tends to grow more, each and every day.

Playing ball, fighting monsters, playing chase, all in the back yard
Makes me want them to stay puppies, seeing them grow up can be hard.
But the best thing about puppies, I will love them until my end
Puppies all grow up to be the only ones, called a man’s best friend.

So here’s my tribute to all of the puppies that I have or ever while have known
All of their relatives and puppy cousins, and the dogs that have all grown..
I just hope that when my time is up, and I cross into the promised land
That there will be some puppies to welcome me, and lick my outstretched hand.

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Awwww, I agree! Well said!
Beautifu. It made me cry just a little. Thank you so much for sharing!
That is so awesome. My Brody is growing up so fast, the puppy breath is the thing I miss the most. Keep writing, it's wonderful.
Awww, that was a sweet poem, darlin'! When yesterday did you write that? Reminds me of our pup Hank :-)


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