Trevor my almost two year old is looking for a new trick to learn...
he already knows:
*the basics, sit, down, stay, come
*roll over
*sit pretty
*back--walks backwards
*he knows the basic rally-o commands
*belly up/play dead
*raise your hand
....he really wants to learn something new but i cant really think of anything, can you?

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Let's think.

Ok, I taught Jack "Right side!" which means to switch to my right when walking on heel, instead of the traditional left. (the dog should cross behind you to avoid tripping)

Does he know how to jump over things? We started Jack with solid obstacles, and now he will jump over puddles on command. Very handy!

How about the names of each of his toys? Once they learn the first two, then all the rest come really easy; we only have to repeat a name two or three times when we bring home a new toy for Jack to know its name.

Jack is a therapy dog and hard for people in wheel chairs to reach, so I'm teaching him "Paws up!" where he hooks both his front paws over my arm and sits up on his hind end.

Tell me how you teach whisper! Jack really needs to learn that one! LOL
i tought him to jump over things on command already, i loved that one but it was very easy now i will just be in like a room and i'll be like jump it, w/o anything in mind and he will look for something, anything, to jump over lol.

he also knows paws up

.i dont think "rightside" will come in handy too much and i dont want to confuse him cuz we do, or atleast wanna do (we will i think this winter or next year) rally-o.

teaching him his toys is a good idea, i may try that one

and for teaching him to whisper wasnt really my idea lol. he was a funny puppy and whenever i would be teaching him somehting he would kick out his hind legs, (like they do after they go potty) or he would start to make growly, whiney noises (not aggressive just confused) and whenever he did i would say whisper, he learned it pretty fast becuase that command was confusing and made him do it a lot\

I tried teaching him to sneez on command because he sneezes a lot when i train him...but the more i say sneeze and reward him the less he would do it...that one seemed to be a lost cause
Cordless Dog Leash, the Dog Leash of the 21st Century! A simple tractor beam, as in Star Trek, tuned to your dog's individual aura.
Get a toy ray gun or somesuch. Devise a way of attaching a treat to the tip, right at the barrel of the "gun".
Your dog needs a reliable "come".
Advertise this as the answer to the dreaded dog-leash knot, after Spot & Fido & Rover all meet and sniff and circle around each other...
You simply load your tractor beam with a treat, point it at your dog's nose, and say, "Come!" as you squeeze the trigger. Hold your aim steady on the dog's nose until it comes up and gets the treat.
Little kids see this and think it works! Their eyes get big, and they say, "Can I try it? Willit work on b=ny little brother?"
You could teach him how to tidy up the house :P
haha i taught him to pick up his toys and put them in the i just got to teach him to picj up all the clothes in my room and fold them:P
how did you manage to teach yours to sit up, Mine won't have any of it.
You can dress him up and teach him how to pose,for you,for pictures.Kitty does this very well!
Wow, Trevor does well! Ben does "take a bow" by doing what looks like the downward facing dog yoga move...head between his front legs and butt in the air. Also, I took advantage of how he likes to circle by asking for "2 circles", using the treat to direct him initially and holding two fingers up as the signal. "Paw" and "Other Paw" is another trick he does.
My favorite, performed for naive audiences:
Sit the dog, hold out both palms with a treat in your right hand. Close both hands into fists, hide them behind your back, and shuffle the treat.
Then proffer your fists to the dog and ask it to pick the fist holding the treat. Try to subtly prompt the dog with the empty hand (both hands should smell of treat).
When the dog picks the empty hand on the 1st try, and gets it right on the 2nd try, you proudly proclaim,
"See? She's so smart, it never takes her more than 2 guesses!"
High Five, Open a door (with a rope on the handle), "you are under arrest!" where the dog stands up and puts both paws on teh wall. That is a riot!
LMAO i love that you are under arrest one! i will have to try it out, thanks! :)
have you trained a dead retrieve?

basically, you're teaching the dog to retrieve a ball from a standstill. Useful for flyball or for home use... you can expand it to other toys, too, ie, bring me the rabbit.

Train it by holding onto your dog, and rolling the ball on the floor. When it stops, tell him "bring me the ball." Hopefully he'll go get it. You may need to start releasing him BEFORE the ball stops and gradually extend the time until the ball is not moving.

Eventually, you get to the point where your dog is in a sit-stay, you walk across the room, put the ball down, walk back to your dog, and tell him to bring you the ball. And he does. :)

You can also teach him to figure eight around both your legs.

Ever think about doing agility with your dog? There's all sorts of tricks he could learn and use continually. :)


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