If a Pet is Lost, Missing, Stolen or Found – Please Read Share

Our member Melissa Bee have compiled a list of places to post information about lost pets:

*Join us here at this Pet Missing Alert Group…so many great people can be helping you!

Make sure you checks animal control. Ask to please see all dogs not just the ones up for adoption. Often many if strays, collar or no collar can be in isolation areas. If you do not ask they will not tell.

Search sites to Find Local Pet stores, Vets etc. to notify, post flyers, email or write.
01) http://local.com
02) http://www.mypet.com/
03) http://www.swiftreport.net/
04) http://www.animalshelter.org/shelters/states.asp
05) http://www.petsearchandrescue.com/ - CA Pet Detective, AnnaLisa
06) http://www.missingpetpartnership.org/petdetective-listing.php - Pet Detective List by State
07) http://www.mangodogpark.com/ - Many good links and info

Free to Register Online Lost, Missing, Stolen or Found Pets
01) http://www.petharbor.com/
02) http://www.petfinder.com/classifieds/classifieds.html
03) http://aspcacommunity.ning.com
04) http://www.animalshelter.org/shelters/states.asp
05) http://www.stolen911.com/index/listings/category181.htm
06) http://www.craigslist.org/about/sites
07) http://www.lostandpound.com/pet_data.php?s=lost
08) http://www.k9alert.com
09) http://petdetective.com/
10) http://www.dogster.com/dogs
11) http://www.pets911.com/index.php
12) http://dogdetective.com/lost-found-dogs.cfm
13) http://www.helplostpet.com/user/index.php
14) http://kijiji.com/
15) http://www.swiftreport.net/
17) Join groups like http://groups.yahoo.com/ K9AmberAlert, LostK-9Alert, & K9Alert
18.) http://www.lostpetusa.net/
19.) http://www.craigslist.org/about/sites

Register Pets information etc. - Prices Vary
01) http://www.homeagain.com/
02) http://www.fidofinder.com/

Helpful Notes below:
Check your local shelters every 3 days.
Very hard trying to cover every place your pet could be.
Check your neighborhood, talk to everyone about your missing pet.
Your mail carrier, trash collectors, neighborhood children,
people are in your area daily that cover a lot of territory.
The more eyes to help you look the better.
Contact local veterinarians, humane society/animal shelter/aspca/pound
To ensure they have a lost report on file for your lost pet.
Make and put up flyers – food delivery, grocery shopping plaza,
telephone poles were cars stop near major intersections.
Make and put up posters where legal.
Big Bright Neon Poster Board with Pets photo in the center –
Write only : LOST , Reward?, Phone number.
Website like Myspace or one easy to remember to get your info online if they see your pet.
Never list your address on flyers, posters or online listings etc.
Stick to only what is needed to get in touch with you.
*Local animal services may have a binder book with clear sheet covers you can put
your pets photo and information in for others to come in and look if they found a pet.
If they do not have a book, ask if you can get one to leave with your info and
places for others to add in.
*Newspapers -- place add for lost and found ads, usually free to place a found ad.
*Local Free news or catalogs: Flyer, Pennysaver or others you get in your mail.
================================================ ================================================
Animal Shelter Directory Search By State or Zip Code.
Find a Pet or List One to Find a Home for one here also:
================================================ ================================================
These websites can help find a lost pet.
There is a lot of information about how to display large fluorescent posters, lost animal behavior and hiring a pet detective with a search dog.
This one has helpful step by step also if pet is stolen.
These are just a few of the thousands of sites I found most helpful.
Wish we could just go to one place for everything, close as I could get.
Not enough hours in a day.
If you find a site that should be added please post it here to be added.
Wish anyone missing a pet a safe quick recovery.
Heard patience and persistence usually pays off and to Never Give Up!

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Great info Sam!! Thanks! Will there be a "tab" or something clickable on mycorgi.com home page for quick access to this information for any future missing corgis?
Melissa did all the work, I just posted it :) It's listed in the FAQ
It is great that this group was started. I never would have known a fraction of those resources were out there.

I definitely second what Sam says about visiting the shelters in person. I can share from personal experience that calling will not always get you good information.

We once found an Alaskan-type dog and I thought it was a Malamute. We kept him at the house and I called the local shelter to report a found Malamute. Several days later we got a call from the owner. It turned out that he had called the shelter before us reporting a lost Husky. When I called to ask if anyone had reported a lost Malamute, they said "no" but didn't put two and two together and think to mention the Malamute. Luckily the owner checked back with the shelter a few days later and gave a much broader list of breeds that might be mistaken for his.

The moral is the shelter workers are dedicated volunteers with varying levels of knowledge. If you report a lost Corgi, they might only think Corgis come in red-and-white, or might not know they can have tails. They may have never seen a fluffy, or never seen a sleek-looking out-of-coat Corgi, or a fully coated show-type Corgi with a lot of hair. In other words, they could have your dog right there and not recognize it by your description and tell you "No, we don't have your dog." So please visit and walk through and look at every dog.
Thanks for all the work Melissa and Sam! I think this is great and gives many people much needed info !
Also, CALL THE POLICE!!! There is a chance your dog has been stolen by someone who lives in the area.

We unfortunately found this out firsthand. A neighborhood teenager walking by everyday saw our Savannah and stole her. We eventually got her back (13 days later) but we filed a report with the police just in case she didn't escape. This kid was 18 and he went to jail.
VERIFY YOUR MICROCHIP when you visit the vet. The vet scanned Gwynnie's whole body carefully, and found no signal! Al's chip was detected immediately. Home Again will replace Gwynnie's free of charge.

You are the second person that I have heard saying that the microchip can get lost.  Definitely, checking Nala's next week on her routine appointment.  thanks.


Granted we live in the boonies but we call the radio staion and they will announce it:)

Take your mug shots of your dog BEFORE it gets lost, and have your flyer ready, so you don't have to prepare this while you're in a panic. 

No joke:  Gwynnie was gone, after dark, before I fenced the yard.  We called, she didn't answer.  No idea where, missing 15 minutes?  Amid growing panic, Inspiration!  I opened the basement door and turned on the Shop-Vac.  

She had her teeth sunk into the plastic vacuum nozzle in 12.73 seconds.

Please have your animal chipped. It is relatively painless and any vet or shelter will automatically check an animal for a chip. This is the quickest way to identify an animal and its last owner of record.

There are pros and cons to putting a contact information tag on an animal. I happen to believe in them. Betty has a tag with her name, our home phone, our vets name and contact number, and a notice that she is chipped. 

Lastly, she NEVER goes outdoors without either my wife or I present. She is never walked off lead. She is allowed to be off lead at the doggy park, but we takes turns watching her.

Be attentive and careful. Our companions are one of the most valuable things in our lives. 


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