Our Corgi Chevy has recently developed terrible breath! It literally smells like dead fish. Recently he has begun losing his puppy teeth,and we wondered if the bad breath was somehow connected to this?

I can't emphasize how bad Chevy's breath smells.

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Time for chicken flavor toothpaste and some scrub down :)
I can hardly brush Jack's teeth with that stuff. He loves it so much he starts drooling and gets that starry "treat" look in his eyes when I get it out, and I have to fight his licking tongue the entire time I'm brushing! LOL
We have also found that one Milk Bones Naturals snack every day or two helps Jack's breath. Not sure why. They are not exactly nutritious ingredients, but they do have some herbs and stuff in there, and they are quite crunchy. Check your dog food ingredients; there is often fish oil in there for fatty acids.

If he has a vet appointment, you might want to have the vet take an extra good look at his mouth, just in case he has a tooth infection or something, but that's probably unlikely with baby teeth.
We feed raw meat, with a VERY small amopujnt of kibble (Wellness whitefish & sweet potato). I believe that when we increased the kibble portion, they got bad breat, and when we cut it way back -- like 6-10 kibbles per 1/3-1/2 cup of raw meat, just enough to soften the stool -- the bad breath went away. Not 100% convinced.
Oh my gosh I'm dealing with this, too. He had that cute puppy breath until his teeth started falling out, and now it's totally rank. I do believe it has to do with teething because of all those "old" teeth that still need to fall out. Also, I have been brushing his teeth (with doggy toothpaste, sometimes with a dog toothbrush, sometimes with a gauze pad around my finger) every day and it doesn't help.
I agree that the bad breath can also come from the puppies teething, althoug even though the brushing may not seem to be helping, it is very useful to get them used to this at a very early age. When they need their teeth brushed when they are older it wont be a big deal to them. : )
Indeed, Eddy has always enjoyed having his teeth brushed.
YES it's connected. Dear Lord when Dax started teething, I couldn't get anywhere near him! I tried everything -- brushing, drops that go in their water, bones, treats, whatever, because I didn't really think it was because he was teething. When all his teeth came in, it went away. You really just have to let it run its course and it'll go away, just make sure you get him used to brushing his teeth, otherwise once his adult teeth come in, he'll develop a new terrible smell.
We just went through this, and I thought it was just me, I couldn't hardly stand for Bear to be near my face - ugh, so rank. We solved the problem with vanilla bones, they're available at a local pet store - he loves them and they make his breath - and the room smell nice when he chews on them.

Also, during the bad breath phase, I happened to pick up one of his stuffed toys when playing with it and got a good whiff of it - YIKES! I figured this COULDN'T be helping the problem. He loves stuffed toys and they basically hold all that stinky mouth bacteria. We put them away for a while and covered his play space with harder type chewable, bones, kong, chew sticks, etc. I think this helped too.

Good luck!
Oh man... I'm so happy that I'm not the only one!!! I've been freaking out since Faye started teething because her breath smells so bad. I can't let her kiss my face and its driving me crazy. Been brushing her teeth every morning with doggy toothpaste and I just want that warm sweet puppy breath back so bad!. We will have to try vanilla bones and milk bones naturals (thanks for the suggestions), we already feed her high quality kibble with raw meat as a treat. And like I said I brush her teeth every morning! Her gums look red and sore and sometimes bleed after brushing. Poor baby! She deserves so many kisses but I can't get near her mouth when it smells like this!
We went through the same thing when Finn was teething. It is the teething that causes the bad breath, mostly due to having blood in the mouth. Check his mouth to be sure there isn't any redness or unusual inflammation as this could be s sign of an impacted tooth or infection. I doubt this is the case but won't hurt to check.

Yogurt can help with the bad breath. We even bought some doggy breath mints because his breath was so bad. :)


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