Introducing Missy and Sammy - Sorry it's Kinda Long....:(

Well after a very rough 8 months I can finally move forward with introducing our two new additions.  After losing our sweet AJ in February at the ripe old age of 15 1/2 our male Junior (AJ son) 12 at the time was simply distraught.  Our fellow grieved so badly we simply had no choice but to find him a mate.  I called the breeder that  we had gotten AJ from to let her know we had lost AJ about a week after she had passed at which time she inquired about JR and how he was....she tried to propt me along to taking the 4 year old she had available.  I was just not ready.....she sensed that and let it go.....for the moment.

Within weeks of losing our AJ we received the devestating news that our JR. had DM.  I can not begin to tell you all how devestated my husband and I were.  I had noticed sign dating back to Novmeber, 2011 and had been contributing it to his diabeties or some other perfectly resonable explanation.  In late February he was dragging one of his back paws and wearing his nails in the quick.  After a trip to a specialist and then on to Auburn we had a presumptive DM Diagnosis. 


After a month with AJ gone JR was quickly declining physically and emotionally.  My JR was looking out of windows and howling mopping and in general acting like he was lost.  I gave in a called Mrs. Leah (our breeder) back told we could not let Junior be so miserable and arranged a meeting date.    Sssssoooo we added Missy....That was a much needed jolt to household.  Our fellow continued to progress and honestly he continued to smile throughout most of it.  We lost our boy in September to a heart wrenching accident. 


The intent on the part of us and our breeder was that Missy was to be bred to a male our of Ocala.....Puppies due in Ocotober. 


While we were aboslutuely broken hearted, we were anticipating the puppies........But guess what???  That's right Missy faked us out.......No puppies for the Watkins'  House! 


Our final revenge (LOL) to Missy was going to Lake City Florida and picking up a little bundle of energy that has perked up the whole family.  Yes, that would be Sammy the little rascel leaning over the arm of the sofa. 


While we miss our AJ and JR so terribly bad, we have had our hearts filled with the joy of these two.  We are growing more each day and laugh alot about the personality similarities between our little fellow and his times it is uncanny.....and Missy's seeming enless love afair with the sofa......also a throwback to the AJ times. 


Here's to new beginnings and fantasitic memories!  Gotta love the corgi spririt and heart!  ^..^

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So sorry for your loss...your new babies will help you cope.

I'm sorry to hear about both AJ and JR, but what wonderful and exciting news on both Missy and Sammy. It looks like you have your hands full at the moment.

so sorry for your losses, wow.  hard enough losing one..but two...

Congrats on the new additions!!


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