I was just on a 4 day vacation and when I returned home Wynn was very aloof, he ignored me didn't come to me and I actually thought maybe he was sick. Today after being home again for 3 days he is back to his "usual" self and I am really thinking he was mad at me! I leave again for a 4 day working vvacation at the end of the week and I guess I will see what happens. Wynn goes almost everywhere with me and gets to go to work with me sometimes too. Could this be his way of letting me know he didn't like me being gone???

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Oh yes, I leave on Fri and get home Mon. I expect this to be even worse that last week! I don't know if it's good they can't talk/tell us or if it would be bettert. Darn dogs!
I can see and hear it now......"Talk to the paw mom 'cause the big ears are not listening" HAHAHA ^,,^
I had a similar incident last July a year ago. I had some emergency surgery that required being in the hospital five days. I had called my sister to come sit with Bubba while I was there but, upon returning, he ignored me like I was the plague. who knows, maybe I smelled funny like the hospital. It took him a good hour to warm up a little to me. It only took calling his name and offering a treat and he was back to being Bubba again.:)
Steve does the same thing when he's left alone outside the normal schedule (he's used to being alone when I'm at work). He'll turn his back toward me as if he's trying to show me his displeasure of being left behind. He wouldn't respond to his name and he won't budge even for his favorite snack. Once he cools down and senses that I won't leave him again he'll poke my leg with his nose as if to say "glad you're home mom, let's play!".
I'm always amazed how much emotion these corgis show us.
Noodles is the exact opposite. He is such a mama's boy that when we went to the beach and I had to use the little girls room, I handed his leash over to my husband (so Noodles' daddy). When I returned a few minutes later, I was told he had been crying the whole time I was gone and he would only stare in the direction he last saw me head in. I've also had to be traveling quite a bit for work this past year and Noodles gets very nervous when that suitcase gets pulled out. He gives me his worried look and will stop paying attention to everyone else other than me. That is why I pull the suitcase out at the very last second. He does keep his daddy up at nights when I'm gone and he barks at every sound thinking it is me coming home. He also struggles going on walks because he attempts to wait for me by sitting down in the middle of the driveway and looking back at the front door thinking I should be going with them. He is sooooo excited when I get home and he is even more of my shadow than normal for the following week. I would be so heart broken if he ignored me, so I'm glad he is super excited when I come home.


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