So Tobias has been to the vet at 8.5 weeks and yesterday at 12 weeks, and his weight at both visits seemed pretty low (to me). He was 4.88 pounds at 8.5 weeks and yesterday he weighed in at a mere 8 pounds. I've seen some other corgi puppies (through tumblr) and their weights were much higher, one of them said their 9 week old girl puppy was 8 pounds then, and 15 pounds at 15 weeks.

He eats well and quick, whenever his dish comes out he eats it all within minutes, and where he is so young I don't limit how much he is getting just yet. He also steals the cats food if he ever has access to the area where her dish is (not very often). I feed him 4Health puppy food, and if he gets to the cat's food it is also 4Health, he has tried other dog foods at my family's houses (he's a food stealer). He loves all food! 

I feed him about a half cup for breakfast time, at lunch I give him another fourth cup, and then for dinner another half cup, if he prompts his bowl I do give him more, he is a growing pup after all. Plus, he gets a fair amount of treats since he's training. 

I know my vet didn't mention his size as small, and she has had 3 corgis herself, but she also mentioned that her practice doesn't see many corgis, since there aren't many in the area, and that he was one of the first puppies she has seen in her office. To be fair, he was significantly smaller than his only brother in the litter, but I think his brother was just a monster corgi puppy, he probably weighed 8 pounds at 8 weeks. I'm just concerned that he is not growing at a good rate (although I'd love if he stayed this little forever)

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Your puppy is beautiful...I have had smaller pups that turn out just as big as their sibs but grow at a slower pace. As long as he is eating well. I would not worry.  Corgis take 2 full years to reach full development. They will have their height and length at a year but continue to "fill out" for much longer than that. Sage was one of those pups and at 3 is a perfect 25#'s. Enjoy:)

Your puppy is absolutely adorable! My Lucy is 6 months old and weighs 15.8 pounds. When we brought her home at 8 weeks, she weighed just under 5 pounds. Her parents were on the small side and she was the smallest in the litter. She is just going to be a smaller corgi and maybe your baby is too. If your dog is eating well, playing, and healthy, I wouldn't worry.

Our current Corgi weighs 19 lb., and she's 6 years old.  She has tons of energy and acts like proper 6 years old Corgi.  No matter how small, you will more likely sure to get full Corgi-ness.  Not to worry if yours is on smaller side.  :) 

Gerty was the same as a puppy - almost exactly. She now weighs 23 lbs and is a little over a year old. She's a petite corgi but quite healthy!


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