Just curious if this is a corgi trait, or if our Sophie is just silly.  She rubs across the carpet, against the couch and against the walls where there are not furniture with her whole body, than alot of times she will do what my hubby calls barrell rolls.  Most of the time while doing this she is making all kinds of goofy noises.

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Chewie does this too, especially if he just came in from the rain!

Cooper will do this in the morning when we come in from our walk.  He will walk right along the length of the couch and rub up against it.  I thought it was like marking it as his. 

The girls do this all the time.  Most of the time when coming in for a landing, sometimes with a toy or treat.  Usually with a upside down back rub, or a couple of rolls over and over.  I think about all dogs do some form of this.  My hunting breeds would always try to find something that smelled right and roll around before heading afield.

Oh yes, and many more you will see. have fun,  they are very funny.

Harlee does the same thing, he seems so happy and content when he does it.  Usually after he eats.  My daughter has a corgi and she does the same thing, it it so cute..


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