Frosty can go, go, go with the best of them, but geez, I think he might just be the laziest dog I have ever owned!!  He will be 2 in a couple weeks and he just sleeps ALL the time lol!  Literally, as soon as I stop moving, he is asleep in about 30 seconds.  He is completely healthy, in good shape, not overweight, gets lots of exercise, but still sleeps like 22 hours a day.  He used to at least play with his toys for awhile if we were busy and couldn't play with him, but now, he just sleeps.  All of the pictures I get of him anymore are of him sleeping!!  lol!!  Is your corgi a lazy sleeping couch potato too??

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Bev, I think Izzy is being a very, very good girl. I don't see anyone else sitting with Grandpa. She is a kind soul.
Izzy sends kisses Julia.
Izzy reminds me of how my Kai used to hang with my Dad. just 2 friends checking everything out........ good dog, Izzy

My Roxie gets in a chair just like that, all smooshed to fit, legs up, head on backwards and upside down. How can that be comfortable?


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