Is it normal for a Pembroke to have a slight wave in her fur? The hair on Lily's back close to her behind gets wavy almost like a wavy part going down her back. I think its cute but just wondering if anyone's dog has some wave also.

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Oh yes. Copper is starting to get curly hair on his pantaloons. At last that is what I call them; the little furry looking butt cheeks lol
Yes! Birdie has the wavy hair in a line down the center of her back. And most noticeable back by her pantaloons (I call 'em that too, Ashley!) But I think she may be growing out of it - the waviness seems less pronounced now at about 6 months than it was at 3 months.
really? Lily has had it since she was 3 months and i notice it more now and she is now 8 months almost 9
Yes, mine both have some wave to their coat, and have cowlicks (spelling?) where it goes all crazy if I just let it dry naturally.
Berti is awash in cowlicks and swirls on his shoulders and upper back. Ethel is smooth -- but interesting, when her hackles rise (she's a nervous nelly) -- they rise on her butt, right between her hips. It's too funny.
Both our boys have wavy hair close to their tail (or lack of). Tenby has a lot of cowlicks, especially after a bath. He is the best looking "bad hair" day I have ever seem
YES! Pooka does. I've been meaning to post this picture for a while:

A distinct zig zag
Finn has that too. You can kind of see it here.


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