Poor Jackson has a yeast infection in his ears.  He's been digging at them like there is no tomorrow--and he HATES having anything done to him.  I'm pretty sure we've lost the nail trimming issue, but we'll keep working on it slow.  He goes Tuesday to get his teeth cleaned, so they are going to trim them while he is out-- and they are going to give his inner ear canals a good scrubbing.  Seanna just started digging at her ears too, and she too, has a yeast infection.  Today at the vet's it was kinda cute....Jackson was acting like they were killing him, crying and whining and carrying on, and Seanna kept coming over and jumping up on the tech with a worried look in her eyes--like "what are you doing to him?  You OK buddy?".  She acts like she hates him around here, but when the chips are down, she really likes him.  Kind of like my teenagers!


So they are getting to like each other.  Seanna is no longer snapping at him, and accepts him coming around her without getting snarly.  They aren't quite up to sharing toys yet, but Jackson can now take what he wants from Sage. (They do great together).  I've got a cute picture of Seanna and Jackson sitting together looking out the window, but won't be able to post it until Sunday or Monday. 


He is becoming more of a snuggle bug, which is the best thing!  Yesterday when his mom left for school he jumped up in my bed and laid right by me....just like Dillon used to do.  And this week, Jackson learned to bark on his own at whatever he perceives as a threat...he LOVES alerting the other dogs to the squirrels in the yard...!

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Poor Jackson....I know you have alot of these nasty yeast infections as all of your rescue buddies do too! Good luck next week...I love hearing about all your progress and how well you're getting along with Seanna and sage:)
It's great to read the progress reports!! : ) Sorry about the ears and hope that goes away quickly!!


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