Hey Gang -

I've noticed my corgi limps around after laying for a long. When she first gets up - after she hobbles around a bit (a minute or less) she is fine. At first I figured - oh, she isn't stretched out and just needs to get going. But now she seems to be doing it a lot more than usual and with less of a time duration during the lay down.

She is about age 6 or 7

Is this normal for a corgi - or does she need some kind of joint food or?
She gets plenty of exercise - just seems to be related to lounging...it makes her stiff...or something?

Any input appreciated

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Here's a long thread on limping. Bertie (who was just 5) also was doing something similar. It's so hard to know -- they may have a strain, they may have hip issues, they may have back issues, they may have knee issues. But after reading all the "limp" threads, it seemed the first steps to recovery regardless of the diagnosis are rest and anti-inflammatory medicine. So I started giving Bertie a glucosamine/chondroitin/msm supplement for joints, kept him (relatively) quiet (meaning, no jumping and no high-speed running, and only short walks) for about 2 weeks. I also gave him this "natural" anti-inflammatory called Duralactin that a vet recommended (you can get at 1-800- PET MEDS), which is based on milk proteins and has no side effects (or, not as many and not as severe as many anti-inflamms like Rimadyl). Two weeks later he is very improved. Still seems a little stiff on getting up IF he's had a lot of exercise (like his beginning agility class, which is where I think the problem started), but not really limping or looking distressed any more. If it keeps up or happens again, I will go and have him x-rayed and checked out by a good orthopedic vet, but so far, I'm hoping it's resolving itself.
For those of us humans that are a little older, I can tell you that if you have arthritis, it does make you very stiff when you have been sitting for a while and then you get up. Regular excersise that is not too over the top helps as well as Susan's sessions.
Oh man, ain't it the TRUTH? I literally groan every time I have to drag myself in and out of some high SUV or trucks....aging is just a pain in the whatever, for dog or owner....
Thank you friends! I appreciate the 411! I never thought that too much over the top exercise might be her problem. But she certainly is doing that ALL the time. Perhaps it increased lately because summer happened and now she is in over drive attacking/running back and forth attacking the sprinkler again. I think I shall try the Duralactin.
Chester had the same issue, always (last 6 months) gets up seemingly stiff..didnt really pay much attention to it..until he was running in the yard, must have tripped and came back with a bad back right leg limp..wouldnt put weight on it..Vet diagnosed early hip displaysia for Chester..he is only 2 years old today! Anyone else get this diagnosis so early? Hes on Rymadel for the pain for a week or so, Vit E and Glucosomine daily. So tough to have a very active Corgi have this problem..Breeder suggested he loose weight too as he is about 34 lbs..probably making it worse..


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