Ani put all her points in Crate and Housebreaking, or so it seems. Which leaves the Leash as the main problem area so far. She bites it and tries chewing on it while we're just waiting for her to do her business. I tried soaking the bitten area in bitter apple, but I think she just slobbered it off in no time, because she stopped biting it only for five minutes.


Queries: Should I consider getting a harness instead of a collar? The collar keeps slipping around, and not only does she run the risk of being choked on the leash, but then it puts it right where she can get at it.


Also, should I let her bring a toy on her walkies? Might keep her mouth occupied....


Any suggestions? I'm worried that she'll gnaw her leash to a point where it's compromised and then it'll break at a terrible time....

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Hi Elizabeth,


Most dogs in harness have a problem with walking before and after, since the dog don't feel it in the neck, they pull even more.


Collars should be adjusted to 2 fingers space only. when you walk, adjust the base of the collar right under the jaw bone, lift up, remember you lead and walk the dog, don't let him pull you / walk you.


Yummy treats works better than toys on walkies. 


Use traditional flat 5-6 ft nylon leash, this is what most trainers recommend, you'll have better control. Don't use a flexi retractable cord, you'll get rope burn and you can't step / stop in emergencies.

I'll keep that in mind. Mostly, I'm worried about the leash wrapping around her neck when she runs around or tosses her head.
When she puts the leash in her mouth give a very firm no and stop and remove it from her mouth. You may have to repeat this over and over. You will have more success with her doing her business if you walk her. She will also be less likely to get bored and bite the leash. I always use this potty training time as a time to teach a potty on command. As soon as the dog begins to go say the command. I use "go potty". It doesn't take long to learn and really comes in handy when the weather is bad or you need them to potty quickly.
Thanks, Bev. This advice looks really helpful. I knew we were supposed to praise her during the potty, but it hadn't occured to me to reinforce the command then.


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