Well, Lilly goes in for her CCL repair tomorrow.  Of course I'm a little nervous about her having surgery, but I really trust our vet and know she's in good hands.  Hopefully the recovery will be quick.  She's going to be spending more time in her crate I'm sure.  Fortunately she likes it in there.  Thanks in advance for well wishes and corgi kisses.

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Best wishes to Lilly on her surgery!!!!!
Good luck, and here's hoping for a speedy recovery!
Best of luck!
My Lilly and I send you prayers and hugs and well wishes!!
She'll do great!  It was sad to see Seanna on the day after because her leg was so swollen, but she did great.  She knew how hard she could push it, and when to lay off....it went well, and fast.  Before I knew it her rehab was over.


thanks everyone for the possituve thoughts and well wishes.  They are really appreviated!

Good luck!  Hopefully she'll have a speedy and successful recovery!
Good Luck Lilly, keeping you in our thoughts for a speedy recovery!!   Love your name btw.  Lance and Lilly sound great together...wink wink...if we ever got a girl corgi, her name would have to be Lilly, but that is just a dream!!
As a corgi Mom who's gone thru 2 ccl surgeries with one baby boy,I wish You all the hugs and best wishes Your way.Our Merlin had both his hindlegs repaired within a month of each other.That was last Spring and He's doing fantastic!!He hikes with the whole family,come check out Our pics.Just take it slow at first and it should work out beautifully!!He still needs a little help with a liquid inflammatory medicine every once in a while after a big day,but doing great!!
What kind of surgery did your dog have?
Traditional repair same as Emmy.  How old is Emmy, Lilly's 3
Hi,  My little girl Emmy had surgery this morning too to repair her ACL (traditional surgery). Got the call from the vet that all went well and that she is waking up.  Well wishes to both girls for a great recovery.


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