Hello Fellow Corgi owner !

So my wondeful Corgi Sheldon has been limping since Last Sunday ( so a week and a 1/2 ) I took him to the Vet and he didn't find anything in particular ... No problem with knees / foot / hips / back. We had some Anti-inflammatory for 10 days. He's been doing better , but every time he gets up after a Nap or eating a bone he start limping... Like an Old man ! He's not even 2 yet !!! 

We followed the vet instruction like not taking him for walk and other things that could hurt is paw.

I'm a little worries... but I,m sure it my Corg Momy heart that is hurt ! 

Thank you for your Input :) 

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He could have been bitten in the fall. The nymph is do small you'd never see it and I know several dogs who have been infected despite being on flea and tick stuff. My parents' dog had it twice. If my dog were limping I would test.

According to this, it can he 2 to 5 months until symptoms develop.


I (human person) was diagnosed with Lymes disease and still have no idea where I got bitten. Drs say it was likely at least 18 months before my diagnosis.


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