Two 7 year old Nebriowa litter mates met up for the first time: Stacey's Luigi and our Lucy. We also brought along their respective tri-color "brothers" (not related), Vinny and Ricky-Rafa. It was lots of fun. Lucy was a bit of a sour-puss, but the rest were happy campers.

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Well I guess we can tell who has the treats! Looks like lots of fun.

You had to be there to realize how difficult it was to get four corgis to all look the same way at the same time.  LOL  It was fun though.  I was trying to hold all four of them.  My daughter (an 11 yr. old) was trying to take some pics and Wendy and Jack were trying to take pics and bait them.  We probably looked like a crazy circus act to anyone passing by.  Professional animal photographers have my deep respect.


PS  Maddie says "How is Lucy and Ricky? And give them a hug for me!"

Aww guys, you were all the best. It was a joy to meet you, Stacey, and Maddy + Luigi and Vinny. It was a cold and kind of overcast day, not conducive to great doggy shots. We did our best. LOL, we all took turns holding them. Half the time I lost track if Maddy was holding one of mine or I was holding Vinny. An extra half dozen people holding treats outside of the camera lens, plus better cooperation from the weather and especially LUCY, would have gone a long way. We look forward to a repeat visit in the near future. We're just so thrilled to finally meet a litter mate of Lucy's and to meet Stacey's beautiful group. fun that would be....I will never be so lucky:(


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