My Fiance' is shipping out for boot camp August 22nd and none of our family or friends will take in. :-( It's just going to be for 9 weeks until he gets back and then we leave Todd for Arizona for his AIT. I tried looking for military pets fostering but its only for deployments. Toddy is neutered and is up to date with all of shots, heart worm, and flea medication. Please let me know if you can help us out! Thank you :-)

Im adding more to this discussion because my phone is not allowing me to reply to anyone:
Were getting married july 15th of this year, then he leaves for bootcamp in august u til october. During that time i need someone to watch toddy because none of our family or friends want pets in their homes. After october tanner, todd, and I are going to arizona for his training and tanner said he asked people who've done his field said since their training is over 6 months spouses are lowed and were aplowed to get an off base apartment. I hope that clears the confusion.

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Good luck! I'm sure there maybe is someone that can help you and Todd!

How are you getting to Arizona?

If you are driving, you can plan your route near here and we will watch him.

Were driving, id rather have someone here in florida watch him until my fiance' gets back from boot camp
Where are you starting out? we live in San Diego and are military, if your close we might be able to take him.....
We're at Campbell and can help out.  We've got a tri female (10 years old).   Is Todd housebroken?  Where are you all at now?
I appreciate everyones hospitality(spelling?) but were looking for someone in florida to watch him so i can just pick him up and start on our road trip to arizona. I appreciate your help! :-)
I don't understand... I'm a milspouse and I don't know if you've had some misinformation but you know while he's in bootcamp he doesn't leave those walls pretty much for any reason? And you can only accompany him on the military's dime if it's for more than six months and if you're married... Not being nosy and I know I don't know the full reason for boarding the pup but I just don't want you to expect to see him every day anywhere you follow him. My husband was in Pensacola for three months and he said that even if I had moved there he was too busy studying and only a few people got chits approved to leave the base let alone live off-base for A and C school.
Alison has it right. I don't know what recruiters are telling you, but unless things have changed drastically since I got out of the Army, you won't see him for the duration of BCT. Like you said, it's only 9 weeks, let him concentrate on becoming  a soldier. Even during AIT, he should concentrate on his studies and training. Usually he would need to be an E4 or above and married for a dependent to travel with him. If I'm way off base, no pun intended, I apologize and good luck finding a temp home for Toddy.
Can you drop him with us in Atlanta? If you are driving it is on your way. I know you want a FL home but let us know!

Okay, I don't know what I'm talking about!  I just remembered that we don't have a fenced in yard and use a radio fence system.  It's okay to train a forever dog on it but would be tough for a visitor.  Sorry.  Good luck!


I am confused.


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