I'm looking to adopt a Pembroke Welsh corgi between 1-2 years old (I know, good luck right?). Gender and color doesn't make a difference to me. I'm just looking for a dog to give a loving home to. I'm willing to travel to northern Ohio and Indiana if need be.

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Forgot to mention, I'm in southeast Michigan, just outside of Ann Arbor. Thanks!

Find local breeders in your area.  They sometimes have adults they are retiring from the show ring or as a breeder. Might be a little older than 2.  Katie was being retired as a breeder at the age of 4...she only bred 2 litters from the females in 4 years.  We got Katie after her last litter. Katie turned 8 in February.

Also look for the corgi rescue thru the corgi club that serves your area.  They have dogs coming in that may suit your home perfectly.  Max was returned to his original breeder thru no fault of his own.  And we were so impressed with him that we got Katie from the same breeder.  In fact they are related..uncle and niece.

I'm looking for the same in Oregon. Or a Cardigan. Will go to Washington. If I come across any in your area when I'm searching I'll let you know.

Man there are some sad looking dogs in those listings :(

Puppy mill.  There's a three year old halfway down the page that looks promising.

Hi Matt,

I'm in Mid-west Michigan and had a hard time finding a Corgi at first. You could try http://lakeshorecorgirescue.org/  for a rescue corgi. Also, there is this site- http://www.hoobly.com/0/0/0/?q=corgi+michigan - not sure how reputable it is? 

Good luck and be patient!

Right now, Marilyn Thorson has a young (5 month?) Boy.  She is in Carmel, IN.

She has a thorough application process, and is very responsive to emails. 



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