Looking for some feedback on grooming tools-Rake or Furminator?

Its time for a new brush and looking at these tools I think they'll do a better job since her coat is so "thick". I don't know of anyone ever using one and I want something that will do the job and yet she will still enjoy...Thanks!

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I love the Furminator and it's often cheaper online than in petstores.  I got mine through Amazon.  LOVE it!
I love the furminator but only use it when they really get bad! It can take too much hair out if you use it too often!
You might want to check out the "Shedzilla" by Oster. It looks similar in design to the Mars Coat King, with curved ends so it can't graze the skin. Wal-Mart carries it for about $20, which is where I first saw it. The reviews on Amazon are excellent, and some preferred it to the Furminator -- so this is what we purchased. So far, so good! It seems to do a great job.
We have a 6 year old Corgi named Willie and his shedding WAS out of control!  I bought a Furminator a few weeks ago and not only has it helped with his shedding (the first time I got a grocery bag of hair off of him) but he absolutely loves it!  He enjoys it so much that he will fall asleep while I am brushing him.  If you have a Corgi you should have a Furminator!  Good luck - Shannon & Willie

We use the furminator and have never had a problem with bald spots on our dogs. now the CATS, are another story. It thins out the cat fur so much that they feel coarse and rough to the touch, so we just brush them with a standard brush. Lainie prefers to roll in the dirt for her brushins!

I use the furminator on abbey about once a month.  She tolerates it.  Bought my furminator on ebay.  Cost was less than $30.00.
Right now I am pleased with the results I get from it. 


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