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We've noticed that Bear has been scratching his back leg (and sometimes the front legs) a lot in the mornings (sometimes to the point where he's even squeaked from how bad it is). I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this with their corgis? He doesn't have any fleas, red spots/rashes, or skin showing thru his fur so I can't really pinpoint anything. It's only in the mornings, we've never noticed it as much throughout the day. I would love to hear some feedback from you guys. Thank you! 

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Is it only in the after he's been outside? Could it be wet from the grass? Maybe a hot spot. Corgis can become obsessed with this. Is he licking or scratching it?

It's scratching with a little bit of licking and no, it's in the morning when he wakes up. He sleeps in a crate. I'm washing his bed today to see if that may have to do with it. After he plays outside (which is a lot), he doesn't scratch or itch around his legs. I went into a pet store today to get some anti-itch spray and one of the guys working there said a lot of people have been coming in to get this stuff for their dogs because of the pollen at this time of year, so that was another thing I thought it may be. 

Could he be allergic to something in the bedding? Getting all the detergent out when the fabric is in the washer? Is there any perfume in the laundry detergent or other products?

Seems as tho' if that were the case, he'd itch all the time. Habit, maybe? Try distracting him with a toy the instant you spot him doing this.


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