My 51 lb corgi must lose weight. We adopted her at 49 lbs and she keeps going up! We have cut back on her kibble and she gets nothing from the table. (Much to my husband's disliking) I cannot bear to cut out all treats and am looking for some low calorie suggestions.

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I also know how fast this can Livvy had hernia surgery and was spayed this winter and since I didn't let her run(for 8 weeks) like she usually does...she packed on the pounds quickly and then we got extreme cold and snow. This is a dog who keeps very fit chasing a ball unfortunately she looks like a chunk:( You can also add warm water to her food when you take some of the food away...this may help her feel fuller!

If you're still looking for dog treat suggestions, I feed Ellie Fruitables. Her favorite flavors are apple bacon and apple pumpkin. They're small treats with only natural ingredients and they're 7-9 calories per treat. I can't remember which, and I don't have the package with me. They're the only dog treat I've heard of that's ever smelled good. Ellie likes crunchy treats, so those are a good way to reward her with something she really loves without giving her empty calories or too many calories.

The suggestions people have already made are wonderful. Noodles gets either frozen green beans mixed with his dinner or pumpkin. I like to switch it up for him. Noodles is back on a very strict diet since he needs to lose 4lbs himself. He is a big corgi and his vet wants him at 36 pounds. I think he gained the weight when he couldn't jog for 2 months following his fall down the stairs. After that, he never did get back up to his old energy level. He had bloodwork done in December to make sure his thyroid was okay and it is. He is now on some pain medicine to see if that is what is causing him to not want to jog with me. It seems to be helping. I find it difficult right now because his vet likes the amount of food he is getting and the food I'm giving him, but suggests I cut down on the amount of exercise he is getting (almost 3 miles a day). Hmmm...tricky. I'm just like a mother hen right now watching anything that goes in to his mouth. I don't think he appreciates it when I tell his daddy he can't have that. Good luck to you!


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