In the past month or so Lucy has added to her ever growing vocabulary: different levels of growling. Does anyone else's Corgis do this? I find it pretty funny. She does it when she plays with her football (her favorite toy) or changes position when relaxing. Sometimes the soft growls come with snorts or low woofs, as if she is talking to herself. She does not direct it at me or at the cats, although she will woof at me if I make fun of her by imitating her (to the best of my ability--growling is very hard to do!). This is my first dog so I was curious if this "sound-making" was pretty typical.

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aw, I like hearing everyone's talking corgi stories! :D Definitely something I love about this breed.

Kota talks a bit. I talk back to him as well. He also talks back to me sometimes when I tell him no. My mom and I like to make Kota and her two doxies howl by howling a little. It's so great. Kota also will let me know he needs to go potty by climbing on me when I'm laying down or sitting. I usually love on him a minute and then he will start making a deep throat grumbly noise and I ask him "Do you REALLY have to go potty/outside?" in a "seriously, you freaking have to go outside AGAIN? I just let you outside" kind of voice or "You gotta go potty/outside?" in kind of an excited voice, and he gets super super excited and jumps off my bed and prances around at the door. Sometimes, he barks at me and talks along the way walking from my bedroom door to the outside door. Whenever I open a door to leave, I say "back" and Kota backs away and waits for a cue that he gets to go, usually "ok" or a head nod, or just looking at him withougt saying anything and keeping the door open. If he can't go I always say "No you have to stay/you can't go this time. I love you Kota, be a good boy. No barking." If he gets to go he gets soooo excited and RUNS out the door and runs around the yard and pees coz he knows he gets to go somewhere. Then he walks all happy like to the nearest vehicle usually staying about 4-6 feet in front of me. If that's the wrong vehicle, I say "nope, wrong one" and he goes to the next one. It's sooo funny. 

I SWEAR yesterday, as Lucy was lying quietly on her bed, as she breathed, it sounded as if she were PURRING! With every exhale, out came this long, soft growl. Exactly what my cats do when lying relaxed with me. That's a new one!

Appa does that sometimes too but I think hers is snoring, lol. Usually when her head is hanging off her bed or she's on her back. 

my favorite is when my husband makes Chewbaca noises at Appa (he can do the impression perfectly and sounds just like a wookie *..yes...we're star wars nerds*). Appa looks at him for a minute all intense and then starts barking like she's mad/offended. It's pretty hilarious. I don't know what he's saying to her in corgi-speak but it must be pretty offensive. She always counters with a "One more word out of you..." set of barks and pounces on him or nips at him. If any of you can make the wookie noises you should try it with your pup. I'd be interested to know if the reaction is similar, lol. 


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