My 3 1/2 old Callie was disgnosed with lymphoma on Saturday.  I am heartbroken.  Has anyone been through this with a corgi?

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I am soooo sorry and although I haven't been through this I know there are some on here who have.
Hi Linda, you may find it helpful to talk to Piper's mom.
I am so sorry Linda!  I don't know about dogs, but I know in humans lymphoma is very treatable...hope it's the same for you guys..*hug*
oh my goodness what horrible news! Hopefully you caught it early and can treat it! Please keep us posted. I worked at a specialty vet that dealt with a lot of cancer patients. We had quite a few with lymphoma that did quite well with chemo. We even have some that have lived for YEARS with it and are basically in remission. Hopefully this is the case as she is so young.
Im so Sorry to hear this. I hope he can be treated
And get well soon. Just to know, what food have you
given to your corgi?

She was eating Science Diet dry. Now, I give her anything she will eat-- roasted chicken, pot roast, soft Science Diet, eggs. The other night she ate corn souffle.  I just want to keep her interested in food.

Oh I am so sorry to hear this.  We have a facebook friend whose corgi just went through chemo for lymphoma.  I believe it took two or three - seven week rounds of treatments.  He handled it very well, lost some weight and a little fur - but he is doing well.  So, I believe chemo has good results.  Let us all know how she is doing.
Linda- we too have a Corgi with cancer- ours has osteo sarcoma ( Rt front leg) . Our Buddy was diagnosed back in December. We did surgery right away and Buddy has been under the care of an oncology veterinarian for his chemo treatments. I strongly urge you to look for an oncology specialist fir at least a consult if it is something you can swing financially. I will be honest, the care is pricey but we feel that this is dething we personally have to try. Buddy was doing great until Thursday, which was to be his "graduation" round of chemo. Unfortunately, the vet found two lung tumors- metastasis from the bone cancer. We switched chemo drugs abdomen to do what we can to continue seeking a cure. For us this is the right choice, but each case is unique and you will have to make that call for your Corgi friend. I know that the oncology consult convinced me to try treatment that I always vowed I could never do for a pet. We are in this to "win it" and the oncology team is key to that being a possibility in our opinion. Good luck. 

So sorry, and get well to Callie.

thanks.  taffy is pretty cute!
I am so sorry.  I am glad some people have had experience.  Good luck to Callie and her family.


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